A Gamma World Hell Hole

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Killaria Windimeer



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Physical Mutations
Mental Mutations



Raised in a male-dominated/abusive home, Kill left home at 16 to make it on her own. She was taken in by an ex-merc (named Castille) who admired her tenacity and agreed to tutor her in the ways of the world. He showed her a Zen philosophy of life: mind and body should be in equal harmony to accommplish any goal. He was set up and ambushed by someone unkown.

At present she has lost the trail of her beloved mentor's killer, but not the burning desire to avenge him. She bears a strong resentment for abusive men and has a hard time controlling herself around them!


Of above average height, she has a whipcord litheness and prefers black leather attire and an armored leather waist coat.

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