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Jonn Dukas



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Since first meeting with the Restorationists (NARC) years ago after his family was massacred in the ongoing gang wars of New Albuquerque, he has been singlemindedly devoted to rebuilding the civilization of the Ancients. He hates hoodlums, anarchists, and would-be dictators, though as a result of an epiphany experienced at the Oad-Ck-Factory, Jonn cannot bring himself to kill a Pure Strain Human. On the other hand, he has been known to nuke a few robots....

Jonn's appearance and unassuming demeanor make him a natural at the fine art of diplomacy, though he would deny it. He has nary a bit of know-how about high-tech (late Ancients) equipment/weaponry, though he is fascinated with and has some familiarity with the gadgetry of the early Ancients, of whom he is so fond. Not surprisingly, Jonn is rather old-fashioned in his mannerisms, and unaware most of the time of his own feelings, but he is loyal to the end, and doesn't think twice about risking his own life to help his friends.

Jonn's contacts within NARC are few (Abe Saint, Ralph Stiles, Xervian), as he usually operates solo, or with the occasional assistance of his non-NARC best friend, an Examiner Duckoid named Howard. One notable exception was a mission in 2461 with Xervian (a.k.a. Kasteen), in which she saved his life, but scared him off with her romantic Reptiloid overtures. Their relationship ever since has been testy at best.

Jonn has recently realized the supreme depth of his feelings for the Gren named Lamia, but is undergoing emotional turmoil due to the unbidden chemistry he experiences with the PSH fem named Frieda. This, and the constant and unfamiliar pressures of leadership have begun to take their toll on him, and he has started thinking twice about Abe's offer of a safe retirement in Haven.


Dukas is a good-looking and moderately muscled man with a slightly weathered perennially stubbled avuncular face that sometimes makes him seem older than he truly is.

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