A Gamma World Hell Hole

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Other Stats


Geo has the following known abilities: lights on head (equal to a flashlight), lighter on finger, short distance ground radar, thermal scanner, exo-graphic holo-imager on arm, force field (takes 22d8 damage to bring it down), internal compass, satellite link up, global communication, virtually unlimited memory storage, small compartment in chest, the ability to mimic any ID Card or voice, and the ability to be a good stand up comedian (using humor file 00237G) and mix a decent mixed drink at the same time.




Guardian of the Albuquerque Starport, Pilot of the XJ1, and barkeep of the Starport Tavern. Geo first and foremost concern is for his Starport, and all his interactions are affected by this. Geo is a pacifist by design: he does not actively participate in combat.


Geo is around five feet tall or a little less. He has several colors on him (green, blue, red, black, gold), but he's mostly just a gold color. A visor covers Geo's head and a single small antennae sprouts from the top (back) of his head. Written across Geo's blue chest plate are the letters 'G', 'E', 'O'.

"Think of Geo as a slightly better version of Bender from the TV show Futurama, but he looks like the robot from Snarf Quest! (Remember? It used to be published in Dragon magazine and was drawn by Larry Elmore.)"

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