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Frieda Abel



Other Stats




Frieda is a quiet person from a small community with a moderate education (for a Pure Strain human). She may reluctantly stumble into adventure but will not seek it, with no particular political ambitions other than a desire for a quiet, stable, and safe society. She is a teacher of general subjects, with an emphasis on languages. Her foreign language skills are enough to teach German, Latin, and Spanish, but she is not a language scientist. She is an amateur athlete. She is a bicyclist, but likes other sports, too, especially baseball. Frieda has the basic mechanical skills to assemble and maintain a bicycle. She has learned a little about metal-working from working with her mechanic, but could not competently do more than weld a seam. She is single and patiently waiting---the pickings have been pretty slim, so far.

Frieda lives in the basement of an abandoned shoe store (1220 Main, down a dead-end alley) in Datil. The building's levels 1-7 are unlivable rubble. Along with her personal quarters, she has set up classrooms in the basement. She charges the kids (some human, some mutant) just barely enough to cover her costs. Others fill in as teacher when she is gone. She has a second job at a very large supply store/pawn called "Oik's Equips 'R' Us" working for a creature named Hampshire. Since Frieda is a very attractive Pure Strain human, Hampshire has her work up front in the store, where she meets everyone who enters.

At home, her personal items are spartan, for most of her money goes into her school, her bicycle, and her clothes. She has one really great black outfit (see picture) plus street clothes and weather gear. Teaching equipment includes a blackboard with a big crack in the middle, hand-made chalk, piles of scrap paper, slates, various ink pens (ball-point to ink-well and quill); solar scientific calculator; slide rules (hand-made); and other common sense items that don't need to be named here.

Frieda rides a replica of an ancient Bridgestone XO-1, an excellent, tough, versatile bicycle capable of riding on all terrains and made to last forever. The steel frame makes it repairable. This is her most prized possession.


Frieda is a very attractive Pure Strain fem who is in excellent physical shape, of that mystical ideal weight. She wears common styles so as not to stand out and pays a local seamstress to make the clothes fit.

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