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Reverend Jack Bunyun



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Excerpt from a 2466 pamphlet entitled, "Howe It Was That, I, Base Sinner Bunyun Was ENRAPT By A Verisimilitude Of A Whirlwinde And Became A Willinge Slave To LOVE Itselfe In Its Very Incarnation Of A COMELY MAID On Her Chaire" :


"And it was on that Sundaye morning when I arose and went about to tend the tubers in the lushness of my wee gardene, fulle welle ingnorante of the divinitie there indwelling, when I was strucke to the grounde and made BLINDE as though SCALES were upon mine eyes. Whereupon a voice spake JOYOUSLY from whence I do not knowe and saide, "Greatly have ye fallen sinner Bunyun, and now find ye far from the golden city of ANGELS" but I make no replie for I was like unto dumbe.

It then commanded "Looke before ye" and I did, and there saw a whirlwind where once ten rowes of plumpe tubers once lay cultivated. It then commanded "Jump ye there, Bunyun" and I did, and founde it cold. Thereupon the scales felle from my eyes and I did behold DEMONS and SPOOKES playing at sabbath, and foule they smelled and of FISHES so I was made a-feared and cursed the day I was borne.

Then through the mistes came a TRUMPETE sound, which it seemed made the SPOOKES to cower and the DEMONS to abate and came there an army festooned with armes, and bountiful red fruits and spake to me, "stand up Sinner Bunyun! And meet ye this your LORD OF LOVE who has delivered ye frome that evil flower of your very hearte."

And I stoode and gazed upon a lovely forme, which was a woman, upon her sedan and smiled me, though spake none being thus still dumbe. She bade me come forward and did offer me fruite to eat, and I did. She then bade me kneel and I did. Then said she simply, "You are forgiven Sinner Bunyun, for all time. Be ye unburdened and seek out my GOLDEN CITY whiche lay in the south. Take this my booke and GO." And I did.

I awoke in the gardene as before, but instead of tubers I espied lucious red fruits on vines. Since, I have had no love for tubers..."



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