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Greyhawk's Updates and News

Just a shield

01/23/01:  As you can all see, the entire site has been redone and we've changed from xoom/nbci to angelfire.  Why?  Well, the advertisement at the top of xoom became even more horrific in size when it became nbci.  It looked absolutely awful and was too much of an overall distraction from the site itself.  Some of you may not be happy with the pop up advertisements here at angelfire.  Lemme make a note about that.  Angelfire gives you the option to have the advertisement embedded at the top of your page or as a pop up.  I chose the pop up because I didn't WANT anything embedded at the top of every one of our pages and with a pop up, if you will minimize it to your task bar instead of closing it everytime you click to a different page, it stays in the taskbar and doesn't jump out into your face when you move around the site.  I truly hope it doesn't irritate you guys too much.  But I'd had quite enough of xoom/nbci with their "in your face" banner at the top of the site itself.  As to the redoing of the layout of the site.  I just got tired of the frames and the site itself just didn't look very neat.   I've noticed tho, that this site doesn't look very flattering through AOL's icky browser.  Sorry about that.  I suppose also that I could have arranged the main page's picture in a table and all that for faster loading or whatever, but instead I went with just placing the links in the picture itself over the words to the various pages.  But overall I hope this is better and that you all enjoy.  We have many things to work on still with things we want to add and create for you guys, and for our return guests, yes, we deserve thirty lashes with a wet noodle because nothing has changed as far as content to the site except the look.  We humbly apologize to you all for that and ask that you check back with us from time to time here at the updates page to see when new goodies are added.  Thank you all so much for your kind e-mails, and guestbook entries.  Remember, YOU are the most important part of this site.  Your editorials and favorite  PC's from Oerth give us the personal interaction we want with our visitors.  

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