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Famous Last Words

I've seen various last words lists around, so I figured I'd give you some actual last words that I've heard from my players over the past nineteen years.

"Well, there can't be anything worth a damn in here if the door isn't even locked."

The hopeless situation had presented itself:  "Hey!  I'll drink these three potions and run at it as fast as I can!"<insert loud explosion here>

"Don't light the torch!  We don't want to give ourselves away just yet."

One player to another in a dim room:  "Did you just bump into me?"

"Tie a rope around me and lower me down."

Player to the DM:  "Oh my God!  This is a vampire isn't it!"

(I kid you not!) "I throw down my sword and try to see if I can hit any better with my fist!"

"I jump in after him."

"I want this one to myself."

"I charge the crossbowmen."

(I'm not lying!) "I give him his sword back."

"I give them a chance to ready their weapons."

"Hey look!  I found his spellbook!"

"Well...what have we here?"

"I cast fire ball down the hallway."

"I cast lightning bolt down the hallway."

"Once my feet hit the bottom of the pond I'll take my armor off.  It will be easier that way."

"I bust down the door with my shoulder."

"If you want to fight him,  You gotta fight us first!"(That was a fun one!)

"It sure is dark in here."

" How many are there?....8?....O.K,  I'll roll initiative."

  NPC bar wench to player: " Why don't I lock this ole door and blow this lantern out and we'll have some fun!"

 Player to player: "Lord?....Lord?"....Nobody said he was a Lord!"

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