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  The Flanaess

All right boys and we go.  I'm guessing that most of you who are checking out this section might not know too much about the world of Greyhawk.  Those that are veterans to Oerth might choose not  to read over things they already know, but of course by all means all are welcome!  I'm going to try to explain things as best I can without throwing in too many names and places that might confuse someone who doesn't know the geography of the Flanaess that well. Most of my reference material in composing this description of mine came from the Greyhawk Players Guide.  TSR asks that direct text not be quoted so I'm going for an overview of info I've drawn from this book and all sorts of places.

So here's the story...

From what we understand, the history of the Flanaess began with only a group of people called Flanne or the Flan.  They were the simple hunter type.  In the west however there were two other races of people.  One was the Suel Imperium and the other was the Baklunish Empire.  They ended up waging war upon one another for year after year.  It went on and on until the inevitable refugees began to filter across into the east, the Suel gang heading into the west part of the Flanaess and the Baklunish group along with a tribe of humans called Oeridians headed toward the north and very center of the Flanaess.  

The war finally ended with fierce magic exchanged destroying the Suloise and Baklunish lands.  The Baklunish calmed down a bit after their homeland was destroyed by the Suel and they turned the Suel Imperium into what is now the Sea of Dust. They set up shop on the east side of the Dramidj Ocean.  The Suloise and Oeridian survivors however still had a bit of spunk left so they fought all over the central Flanaess with one another and everyone else that happened to already live there.  Nice fellows, aye?

Apparently this went on for two centuries.  It turns out that the Oeridians controlled most of the Flanaess by alliances with the Flanne and demihuman groups against the Suel.  From this rose the Great Kingdom that controlled almost all of the Flanaess.  It began to fall apart though after three hundred years in 254 CY when Ferrond became what is now Furyondy and then eventually became Furyondy and Veluna.  Slowly but surely other states, provinces and countries began to emerge by revolt, civil feuding, and  then decisions to secede from the Great Kingdom due to outlandish taxation happening in the south.

While all this was going on in the east, over in the west a little place called Keoland also began to rise and expand in power. It was created by less violent members of the Suel and Oeridian tribes.  It grew to quite an impressive size reaching from the Crystalmists to the Pomarj.  But of course over time it lost nearly everything it had gained while to the north the Baklunish had become horse nomads and ruled the northern steppes.  The time when the city of Greyhawk reached its first time of  'aren't we wonderful' was in 375 CY.  Before this though, orcs were growing like crazy and took over the Pomarj in 513 CY.

Insert Iuz.  Here comes this half-demon, half-human called Iuz the Old.  He suddenly appears and grabs his own set of lands to the north of the Shield Lands and the Nyr Dyv.  Then a group called the Scarlet Brotherhood comes into play. They've been isolated in an area called the Tilvanot Peninsula and their major aim is to make the Suloise race the master race of the Flanaess.  They were discovered around 373 CY.  They have their fingers into everything including the manipulating of governments through their agents and a very frightening practice of cross breeding monsters and humans basically to simply see what they can make.

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