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Gabriel Goldenleaf 7/8 Fighter/Thief

Gabriel was the last to join the group and is considered the baby.  He has a unique personality that either endears him to those around him or makes them threaten his life with severe physical pain.  He laughs at everything.  Nothing is too serious or too solomn to cause Gabriel not to find something humorous within it somewhere.  In the history that Gabriel has been with the group he has not once picked a pocket except from his friends to simply see how long it takes them to notice their missing money or items.  He's not above theiving food, especially pies, from the windowsills of the homes of Hommlet.  He's been known to take a whack to the head with a broom handle when the ladies of the village began to get wise to the half-elf.

Gabriel is a loyal companion despite his irritating habits and loud mouth.  He hates confrontations between members of the group and would rather die than start an arguement with someone he cares about.  He's a terrible flirt and has stepped out with a few girls of the villiage but nothing serious.  Draga tends to pick at him about finding a wife soon before he becomes a stodgy old man.  The half-elf enjoys the company of Falgon and has dubbed the dwarf with the nickname "Pops."  Falgon's face turns an angry red everytime Gabriel calls him that, but everyone knows that the dwarf is generally fond of the half-elf.  

Gabriel spends most all his time at the Welcome Wench.  Marcus has given Gabriel the job of watching over the activities of any evil aligned people visiting or passing through Hommlet.  Tedra's sword detects evil per her request and she then in turn gives Gabriel a list of people she's found.  He then makes sure to watch over the things they do, and even insinuate conversations to find out a bit about what they're doing in Hommlet though of course most are simply passing through.  

Gabriel Goldenleaf:  S 16, D 18, C 15, I 14, W 12, Ch 13, AC -1; HP 38; AL NG Half-elf

Theif Skills

PP  50%

OL  85%

FRT  48%

MS 50%

HS  40%

DN 50%

CW 60%

RL 35%

Height:  5'9"

Weight:  130

Hair:  Black

Eyes: Silver

Age:  38

Studded Leather +4

Shortsword +1/+3 vs. lycanthropes and shapechangers, Dagger +2