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Draga Winterwood 9/8 MU/Cleric

Draga has been through allot for her young age.  She met and fell head over heels you want to guess again?  He was His Most Worshipful Mage of Hommlet.......Yep...Burne.  She married and had a son, only to have a tragedy slightly after that time.  Burne had opened a magic school and, well, he had an accident with a group of pupils in the tower of the restored moathouse now called the Watchtower of Hommlet.  He blew himself and his students sky high, nearly destroying the entire Watchtower and killed himself and his six students.  

Draga has become a bit more reclusive than she used to be.  She's built a small temple to Athena inside Forest Haven Keep and lately has taken to spending most of her time there.  Most people tend to shy away from Draga because usually when she first approaches someone the first words out of her mouth are about Athena.  She loves to preach about her goddess and will do so to anyone that will listen.  She and Tedra are best friends, and Tedra pays this religious fervor of her's no mind because Draga knows that as a ranger she has about as much chance of converting Tedra to the worship of Athena as she does a priest of Hextor.  

Draga learned of the obscure legends of Athena through her human side grandmother.  She was the one that raised Draga. Even though Draga was raised by her human grandmother her personality leans more towards the flighty elven half of her blood.  No one has ever heard of Athena and Draga hasn't gotten any converts, but she will likely never give up.  She is very tender-hearted where her companions are concerned and serves as a counselor in everything from deciding the fate of a drunken hireling on duty to an argument over who's going to sit in what chair at the Welcome Wench.  The latter doesn't sound like much but it usually occurs between Falgon and Gabriel and can last for a good hour.

On a full spell day:

Magic User Spells:

1st level:  Burning Hands, Charm Person, Affect Normal Fires, Magic Missile  2nd level:  ESP, Darkness 15' Radius, Stinking Cloud  3rd level:  Fly, Dispel Magic, Fireball  4th level:  Polymorph Other, Wall of Fire  5th level:  Conjure Elemental

Priest Spells:

1st level:  Cure Light Wounds (x2), Command, Light, Detect Poison  2nd level:  Hold Person (x2), Slow Poison, Enthrall, Detect Charm  3rd level:  Continual Light, Starshine, Locate Object, Speak with Dead  4th level:  Cloak of Bravery, Detect Lie

Draga Winterwood:  S 13, D11,  C 13, I 18, W18, Ch 9; AC 4; HP 40; AL CG; Half-elf

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Lavender

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 106

Age: 41

Diety: Athena

Bracers AC 4

Staff of Striking, Sling of Seeking +2, Rod of Smiting