Central Tower, Big Cat

Age: ????

Gender: Female

Race: Patryn/demi-goddess.

Hair Color: A dark shiny black. Her hair falls to her waist and is usually kept braided. She wears it down for special occasions.

Eye Color: Golden and slitted like a cat's. She also has the black tail of a panther.

Weight: 200 lbs. and well muscled.

Height: 6'0"

Skin Tone: Lar's skin is fairly pale and covered in runic tattoos. These red and blue runes form an intricate web-work over her entire body and serve as a magical armor and defense mechanism. They glow slightly when danger is near and anyone who touches her in a hostile manner gets a rather nasty shock.

Clothing Style: Lar dresses in black. Cloak, top, pants, She will occasionally wear violet or silver for special occasions.

Jewelry: An amulet said to have been passed down in her family that allows the wearer to know when someone is lying. It portrays two winged cats holding an onyx teardrop in their claws. The cats face each other and hold the stone between them.

Guardians/Companions: A small black kitten by the name of Jynx that her friend Elec gave her on one of her birthdays.

Powers: Rune Magic (See below for full description), her ability to shift into a black panther, she can draw energy from the earth to cast spells and heal herself.

Weapons: Two dual-bladed samurai swords, both engraved with runes that make them unbreakable and unusable by enemies. One has a dragon handle, the other a winged cat. She also has target seeking throwing knives she wears in a belt around her waist and a semi-automatic crossbow. This rapid fire crossbow requires nothing more to rearm than a quick 2 second movement of one easy to draw lever. Clips are typically 32 bolts. This weapon can be changed into the auto-crossbow by changing clip to the drum fed 98 bolt drum and attaching an extremely low kickback motor.

Skills: Spell-crafting, potion-making, cooking, diplomacy, singing (this is a well-hidden talent).

Personality: Lar is fairly easy to get along with. She is extremely loyal to those whom she believes deserve it, though at times it may appear she is aloof and callous. Most times she is forced to put up a mask around others simply due to her position. It's seldom people get to know the "real" Lar, and even more seldom does she allow others to see her more dangerous side.

Natural Enemy: Necromancers. As a Patryn, Lar believes that for every being raised from the dead, one that is living must die to keep the balance. Therefore, she sees necromancers as killers and slave-masters to souls that were meant to have been laid to rest.

History: Much of her magic stems from the fact that she is a descendant of gods. As a symbol of their passion her earliest ancestor, Mayna, fell from the sky, bringing the sacred amulet she wears back with her. Because of her heritage she is immortal and can shape-shift. Lar has played many roles during her long lifetime. She's led armies, and destroyed them. She's ruled nations, and toppled them. She's played judge and executioner. Above all, she has MANY regrets and her life for the last few centuries has revolved around making up for various atrocities she believes she's committed. However, if you ask any of the dragons, the issue is up for debate.



To manipulate an object you must understand it. This basic principle is at the heart of all Patryn rune magic. It is the key to the destiny of order.

We who see and understand an object for what it truly is -- in all its aspects -- have control over it. That quality and power that we use as magic is actually the manipulation of the power of existence. We are but minds that observe the full truth of the world around us. Magic is the recognition of the fire burning behind us when all else see only their shadow on the wall. Rune magic defines in symbols the true quality of all things that might exist.

Patryns altering any part of the world about them, first attempt to "name" an object fully. An object's true name is far more than a convenient description. In Patryn magic, an object's name defines precisely the state of the object relative to the underlying Wave of Possibility. Naming an object completely is critical to the level of success that the Patryn will have in later "renaming" the object into an alternate state or form.

Runes provide a set of symbols by which we can name (understand) and rename (change) any object. The student of Patryn magic is a student of the rune, for it is only through the runes that an object can be fully named.

Runes give formal structure to our magic. Our runes generally form magic in the following ways:

1. Naming of the object. Any rune of power first identifies the object being changed to its true extent -- in other words, names the original object fully.

2. Calling on the Sympathetic Name. In this, we build (1) the power of runes required to alter the state of the present object and (2) state-of-being runes that define the position on the Wave of Probability where such a state would be expressed. These two combined -- power and position -- form the Sympathetic Name.

3. The object is renamed. By applying the Sympathetic Name to the object, the object's state changes and the object is renamed. This new name becomes the object's name for as long as the magic dictates. Powerful Sympathetic Names can be permanent, while those that are not so powerful may last only a moment.

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