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Rider of Bronze Nylanth - High Reaches Weyr

G'deon and my two other alts (ie: alternative characters) are characters on a MOO game called Harper's Tale, based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series. For more information please take a look at the links below.

Links on this site:

Nylanth's Official Inspirational Page G'deon's Inspriational Page (Still under construction)
The Logs of G'deon and Nylanth Descriptions (Still under construction)
High Reaches Wing Activity Ista Weyr Wing Activity
The Gid Look-Alike page My stash of backgrounds
Branwyth's Inspiration Skeseth's Inspiration

Pern links:

Anne McCaffrey's Homepage An interactive Map of Pern
Harper's Tale - An online roleplaying game pased on Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonriders of Pern" series All the Weyrs List - A list of all dragon names used in official Pern books and games
Smith Craft Hall All the Plants of Pern
High Reaches Weyr High Reaches Weyrling Page - Where we learned how not to trip on our own feet
HRW Messengers Pern MOOers' LiveJournal

Friends' pages:

Ilare's Homepage Sasha's Homepage
Sora's Homepage R'ave's Homepage
Hyzen's Homepage Tatia's Homepage
Reiko and alts Khena and Mneoth
Elehu's Page (my alt) Pyrene's Homepage

Other links:

My LiveJournal - You know... in case you care what I think in my spare time
An awesome online comic strip
A page I think explains both G'deon-character and -player very well - For the parents of a "difficult" child who maybe deserves another look
Outstanding 3D Wallpaper - Just click on the part that says "Enter Here"
Eddie Izzard's Homepage - A man who has influenced my sense of humor perhaps a bit more than is wise... ;-)
One of my favorite HTML tutorials
One of my favorite places to visit - This is the town where I went to High School. Ah, the memories...

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Last updated 19. November 2001