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Sephy's Babysitting Job- Cloud and Tifa are going out, and who better to watch their son than everyone's favorite meglomaniac?

In The Mind Of A Madman- A look into Sephiroth's thouhts after his defeat at the North Crater

A Promise Within The Stars- A short vigenette about Cloud and Tifa's meeting at the Nibelheim well.

Slings And Arrows Of An Outrageous Fortune-My longest Story. A sad tale about Tifa's life during the aftermath of meteor.

A King In Chains- Just a quicky fic I made during the blackout. It's okay, so I'm posting it. basically Edgar's thoughts right before he was to become king of Figaro.

Holding on by Heartstrings- A FF9 Fic I started out of boredom...I don't know where I'm going with this...but you should keep checking in everytime I add a new part. I feel dedicated to this, and it'll hopefully be my best fic yet.


Through The Eyes Of Vincent Valentine- by A nifty little story centered around Vincent. When he goes to investigate an infestation in Nibelheim, he gets more than what he bargained for...


FF9: What REALLY happens at the end-Exactly what the title says. A retelling of the end of FF9, with a rather comedic twist. ^_^

FF7: Return Of Sephiroth.-The gang we know as AVALANCHE attempts to settle down and start life from the beginning. But a sinister force is about to crash the party...

UK Guy Bry

Scorpion Fleet-Something New On This page. A non FF fanfic. This star wars fic includes people from the RPG boards. It's an add on patch from the PC game "X-wing Alliance". Star Wars fans, check this out.

Jessica Dragontamer

Second Chances-This story takes place five hundered years after the end of FF7. Nanaki's daughter has a grave vision, and a young girl is called forth to keep it from becoming a reality.

FF7 Men And The Women Who Love Them-A comedic fic. When Jess, her friends, and the bishounens of FF7 collide on Jerry Springer, terror reigns for Vincent, Seph, Cloud, and Reno.

Spirit Of A Boy-Interesting songfic. The thoughts and feelings that run through Seifer's head before he aligns himself with Edea.

What Might Have Been-Extremely touching songfic. A new man, Seifer pays Rinoa a visit, hoping for her forgiveness. But old flames may reignite.