Those weird people you see on the pages...

Let's start off with my good ol pal CV!

Name: Chaos, (Chaos Valentine, James)

Occupation: n/a He just the silent lurker on the site. He takes care of the Quotes page. His hobbies include killing pokemon for sport, and reveling in the past.
Comments: Duuuude, he has an amazing memory! He'll remember stuff back from July, like my old names for the FF characters (CHEESE, THEEF etc.)

Personal Quote: "Spidermonkeys are the devil's work!"

Name: Brittney

Occupation: Looks after the "my poems" page, complaining and muttering about how much she doesn't want to be there. Talk about a disgruntled worker...

Comments:She's my best friend IRL. And she has a way of stopping me when I'm about to do something super stupid. (eg.flash a car O_o)But she's really cool and fun to hang out with. ^_^

Personal Quote: "Sparkily Shooze will one day rule the world, because no one will be able to resist the sparkiliness.(O_O I bet they will)

Name: Karsh (Matt)

Occupation: Host of the links page along with Sephy-sama. Though Seph usually bosses him around. But hey. They get the job done.

Comments: Until my comp got fixed, we weren't really talking that much. But now, we're actually good friends. AIM him and marvel at his pink font.

Personal Quote: Matt's response every time Pris has an idea...

"Oh God..."

Name: Angel (Julie)

Occupation: Watches over the "my poems page" along with Brittney.

Comments: Heh, another one of my best friends. Julie is just as clumsy and hyper-ish as I am, and sharing stories is always fun. ^_^

Personal Quote: "You remind me of a bubble."- Me talking to her on AIM.

Name: Asam

Occupation: Hosts the stories page along with Becca.

Comments: Heh, the way we met, you'd think we'd be enemies. But we're good friends. He has a bunch of aliases, and is just about ready to flame any poor bastard's ass.

Personal Quote: "Hi. I'm Asam."

Name: Becca (BeckStir)

Occupation: Hosts the stories page with Asam.

Comments: We met after a super bizarre occurence at the boards over winter break. To this day, she still reminds me of getting Zsa Zsa Gabhor as my celebrity match (don't ask)

Personal Quote: "I will never watch a Shania Twain video the same way again"-After getting Shania Twain as her celebrity match.

Name: Omega

Occupation: Watching over the "others poems" section of the website.

Comments: This has to be one of the greatest guys around. I'm so lucky. ^_^ We met over Summer last year, but we had a ppor chance of being friends. Long story.=P But that's all behind us now. ^_^

Personal Quote: "I'VE GOT THE POWER! *raises energizer battery*O_O"

Name: Sephiroth (if you have a death wish, Sephy, Seph, Sephy-sama)

Occupation: Watcher and Guardian Of The Links. (Like anything's gonna be taken from there anyhow...)

Comments: The neatest villian in VG history. He's just so awesome! Everything about him, his walk, his hair, his eyes, his sword...*gets glassy anime eyes*

Personal Quote: "In my veins course the blood of the ancients. I am the rightful heir to this planet!" (Too cool, just too cool. ^_^)

Name: Pistikus(Tim)

Occupation: Watcher of the "Other's Poems" and a occasional pain in my ass.

Comments: He's nifty, though we're fighting most of the time. He's come through for me on numerous occasions, like the big brother I never had. ^_^ An he's also one of the funniest guys I've ever known. Period.

Personal Quote: "Don't eat poop. Not even your own. It makes your breath stink."