The Caverns

I figured that the adoptions were staring to overrun the front page, and thus I've added their own little area to frolick in. Also, any other things such as banners (once I get the hang of it) and pics will be here too.

Lost Anthem For The Worthless-

These lyrics are gorgeous! These are the words to "Terra's Theme" for FF6.

Alpha the Chocobo
Meet my Chocobo "Alpha!" He was sort of the black sheep of the family, so I took him in.^_^

Click here to get your own Chocobo!

Adopt a Snorlax

Here's Ramza

Get yours here.
Adopt A Snorlax

Here's my Moogle, Jeremiah! Ain't he cute?
Adopt your own Moogle at
Forest Suite

This is my tonberry,
You can adopt one too, at the
Adoption Foundation

This lovely creature is Noah. I don't wanna be partial, but this is the MOST beautiful thing I've seen. ^_^ Get your own here