Submission Guidelines

If you plan on submitting, please read this first.

1) I'll will accept fanfiction from any RPG. Fanfiction includes stories, poems, lyrics or background profiles for any character. Original works will also be accepted.

2) Please only send me fanfics which have been written by you. If you are sending a fanfic for someone else, let me have their e-mail address so I can check that it is okay with them.

3) I won't accept lemon fanfics, or some with extreme levels of profanity. It's okay if it's in the character's personality (example: Cid) but I don't wanna see someone like Selphie blowing a gasket.

4)When you send your fanfics in, if possible write it in Word and attach it to the email. This makes it WAY easier. You will NEVER realize just how much I appreciate it.

5) Include the following in your email:

The title

(if Fanfic)The RPG you are writing about

Which categories it falls into. e.g. humor, romance.

A brief summary of the storyline

6) If you are writing a story with multi chapters, please send it in parts. Again, this makes it easier for me when I update as I can put it up in sections.

Got it? All works sent to me