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Welcome to Nintendo Lounge. Check out the stuff on my site...Nintendo Lounge- Pissing people off since 2000!
6/3/01- Wow...6 months...half a year, Incase you didn't already know Nintendo Lounge is basicly....dead, I've lost intrest in the NES and in the site as well. I've had fun with the site during the 3 months I updated it, and of all the websites I've made NL was the most succesful. Also thanks to the NES community for helping me out and the websites that displayed my site in their links section. Thank you and keep on playing.
1/19/01- Weekend again! YEA! Its only friday and I already added a new page. Nintendo Lounge fights! Check it out now! I'll be adding more stuff...keep on coming back.
1/14/01- added a NES trouble shooting page called " Dude, my Nintendo's screwed" Check it out, Also added new Nintendo Lounge Toad Adoption Agency!!! Adopt a toad today!!!
1/12/01 - Hey whats up guys. I added some things including a few more graphics...I have a 3 day week end so I'll be adding more
1/1/01- Happy New Year, I changed the pages titles, now each one has its own banner.
12/31/00- Last day of 2000!!! Added a links page with a few links, but will be adding more soon
12/30/00- Well I just started the site today so its kinda empty, but it will be overflowing with stuff in no time.

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