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Alejandro Sparras Joaquim de la Mano Derecha del Leon Real en las Tierras de los Cielos de la Luz y la Oscuridad de la Paz y la Guerra, en la Boca de la Mujer de las Mariposas Villa Lobos Ramirez Goya

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Player Name: F. Dok Harris
Race: Quentari Elf
Class: Rogue
School of Magic: Activate
Homeland: Currently the Royal University
Title: Jester Waterboy
Concept: Fat Elf / Drunken Lecher

Character History

    I am responsible for all the crimes and murders in Elysia, Greyhorn, Avendale, and Therendry.  I kill puppies for sport.  Occasionally I'll break into poor villagers homes and steal their last piece of bread.  I invented Necromancy.  I eat garbage.  I curdle milk by my touch.  I kick small children.  Then I steal their candy.  Then I turn them into zombies.  I'm immune to normal weapons.  I'm healed by fire.  Healing does double damage to me.  I have more dodges than you have spells. 

    I was spoiled my whole life.  My mom would buy me toys so that other kids would play with me.  I still buy my friends.  Or Enslave them.  Sometimes I make friends with bad guys.  They're nice to me too.  Then they usually end up selling me out.  That's ok, I kill them too.  They have treasure. 

    I used to be a fighter.  I spent my time in bars beating people up and taking their money.  But I stopped having a healer around.  Now I'm a rogue. That's because I'm fat and slow and need the dodges.  I get hit with a lot of spells.  If I couldn't dodge I'd be dead more often.  I have lots of magic items.  I get them by killing and stealing.  Not monsters but other people.  It's much easier and I can be lazy and do it. 

    I'm not a real Jester.  I just wear the hat and bring the real Jesters gatorade when they ask for it.  I'm too slow and  weak to be a real Jester. I can't hit monsters with spells.  Once I threw 4 life spells at a friend who was dying and missed them all.  He died.  I'm not a very good friend.

That's about it.  I'm sure wherever you see me next I'll be executed.

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