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Updates, May 10:p>

I finally finished the Tales of Phantaisa ruined town chipset! You can it it in the chipsets area (duh). Below is a little screen that I whipped up in a couple of minutes showing the basic of my new set. That is all for now, please check back later!

Updates, May 6th:

Mr. T charaset! Also, you may have noticed that the Projects and the Misc Grafix pages are not working... well there isn't a problem with the URLS... they just don't quite exist yet... I'm working on getting them up. Check back for more updates.

Updates, May 5th:

Monster update! 20 new chipsets and 56 new midis! All this AND a new format, you'd think it was christmas (well not quite...)! Check back later for more updates!

Updates, May 2nd:

Euclid city done as well as Euclid City Inner. Check out below for a shot of what can be done with the new inner set. Check back later for more updates.

Updates, April 29th:

Well... ToP Euclid Castle is done... I'm working on Euclid city, check out a teaser below. That is all for now.

Updates, April 28th:

Sorry I have not updated for a little while, but I was kinda in Ottawa for the past week, so there. Anywho, I see it is a landslide victory for ToP castle, so I started ripping it. Below is a little happy screen shot. Just to let you people know, that would be Euclid castle. I'll try to get around to other castles, but I can only rip however far I am into the game. The chipset should be ready before Monday. I'll then work on an Euclid townset and then the Elucid inner. Check back later and tell your friends about my ste (I need hits!)

Updates, April 19th:

Well, not much in the way of updates today, but bear with me on this. I DID lose over 7 gigabytes of memory and I have a lot of school work to do on top of that. Anyway, I have added two new chipsets (including my FFVI townset) so check it out!

Updates, April 15th:

Sorry, no updates at the moment (as I am still trying to get things back on track) but I have a little sneak peek for ya. It is of the FF 3/6 townset. I know what you are thinking, "Not another one?" well, I will try to make this the best one. You see, this one will ACTUALLY WORK!!!! That is all for now, check back later and I might have it done.

Updates, April 13th:

Well, though I am not closing the poll for another week (there IS method to my madness... just read on) I think there is a VERY high chance of the ToP castle winning. Anyway, I will not close it now because my C Drive was emptied. The computer botched it HUGE and I lost everything I had not backed up... meaning EVERYTHING. So I am giving you another week (at least) to vote and I shall try to get everthing back on track. Thanks to everyone who voted, and check back later for more updates.

Updates, April 9th:

OK, I have a poll up for ya. Because of the receant e-mails I have recieved, I have decided to put this chipset poll up. The poll will be closed at the end of the week and I will then rip that set. Also, just because I rip one set first does not mean I will not do the others. Check back later for more updates.

Updates, April 8th:

Aw what the hell. Here I have put a screenshot of what your game might look like using the ToP Chipset, and Charaset. Check back later for more updates.

Updates, April 7th:

Not too big of an update today, but an update none the less. I've added a Tales of Phantasia charaset to the charasets page. On a similar note, everybody say hi to the new staff member, Immoblious. So far he's only got one charaset on NazRPG, but I am trying to get more of his stuff for the next update. Please check back later.

Updates, April 6th:

Well now, it's been a little while in the making, but anyways, I have put up a new chipset for ya'll. It's useful if you despise the RTP sets, and want a good town. I even have an other in-game screenshot for ya! I also added a few new midis in the music section and some new charasets, so check it out! Check back later for more updates.

Updates, April 3rd:

Hey, hey! Charasets section is finally up! Too bad there is only a very small amount of stuff there right now...

Updates, April 2nd:

Well, after identifying a few problems with the ToP Midgard chipset, I fixed it. Below you will see an in-game screenshot. Oh, and the staff section is up (for all the good it will do you, as it only includes me so far.) If you wanna be in the NazRPG staff, just e-mail me. That's all for today, please check back later for more updates!

Updates, April 1st:

Ok, I think that I have got things going now. Music page is up, chipsets page is up and linkz page is up. That's all for the moment... please keep in touch!

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