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Mystic Wind Acres


Welcome to Mystic Acres, an online horse SIM game. None of this is real. We are a brand new game, so we need players. We have just opened, so feel free to check out our rules and join.

All horses are on SALE for a limited time!!!!

Everyone who is a member of this game
needs to send me an e-mail saying that
they are still apart of this game.

You need to send me your name and the names of all your horses.
You must do this by Dec.1, 2001 or you will be erased from the game.

New members this does not apply to you until your name is on the member page.
Then you must send the info to me.

Send it to
and tell me in the e-mail your info.

If you don't want to be part of this game anymore don't send me an e-mail.

What's New??

Training Services



Bank Accounts

Mystic Wind Acres boarding

Boarding Options


Horses for Sale

Horses for Adoption

Other Animals For Sale

Property For sale

Tack Store


Show Results

Random Events

Horse owners, Info for You

Get your horse checked at the vet

The Nursery


Horses for Stud


We need some more horse show competitors, so start signing up.


Raeroth, RaeRoth1, whose name is either Emily or Erin, You did not put a proper email address on your joining form. You did not put the part of the email address. Email me back with the whole thing. Thanks.

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