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This page is dedicated to a very brave lady.  She gives us all hope and beauty.  I hope you visit her site and enjoy it as much as I did.  God Bless You Marsha Durham and Good Luck.
In the gentle arms of angels we lay down to sleep
In the hands of a kind and loving man we weep,
For as the time goes slowly by we begin to see
The truth of our life, our hopes and our reality...

Copyright 2001 Paula Jeffries
These are just two of the snowglobes on her site go and enjoy the rest...
These are something I had never seen before Waterglobes and there's more...
This is one of the plaques on her site I reduced the size ( forgive me Marsha)  but the original is on her site.
This is New!!!! and Super Special.
Now Go and Visit Marsha I know you will enjoy!
Midi Provided By Marsha....Thanks!

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