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Conquering Keld

Welcome, traveler. Give me a moment and I'll tell you more about this place. We at Keld hope to provide you with a most enjoyable role playing experience. It is our desire and intent to provide you the player with a fully functional role playing world, complete with a myriad number of adventures and explorations for you to undertake.

I must warn you, this is not a FFRP (Free-form Role Play). No, here the risk is real, the danger palpable, and the glories truly earned. Here, you may forge your own destiny, either alone, or with the help of friends you meet along the way. Here, the other guy is held to the same role play standard as you are, the rules apply to all.

So, grab your sword and shield, throw on your father's armor, and set foot in the land of Keld, where you are your only limit.

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