Saber Information

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General Information
*Brief Description
*Turning it on and off
*The Blade - Broad overview
*A Saber is NOT an Optical Phenomenon
*The 'Glow'
*A Sabers Shadow
*Sabers - For NON-Force Users
*A Saber is NOT Thermal
*Saber Thickness
~ and ~
*A Saber is NOT Bendable

The Art of Saber Dueling
*Mass of a Saber
*Holding a Lightsaber
*Stance while using a Lightsaber
*Foot Placement
*Fight - Defense Posistions
~ and ~
*Saber Fighting - Force Aspects

Storm Troopers Equipt with Lightsabers...?
*Information on George Lucas original saber concept.

Different Sabers
*12 Different Images of Saber Bases
~and~ *The Different Colors/Sabers from the Star Wars Movies.