Powers of a Jedi

Through the long years of struggle, a Jedi grew more and more adept in all the skills of a Jedi.

He had an increasing abilitiy to feel the Force, in himself and others, and to know the thoughts and feelings of others, to know their intentions. Through the Force, he could even sense the moment when an entirely mechanical opponent would strike.

He could sense the presence of another Jedi, even across great distances, and take the measure of a Jedi's strength in the Force, or whether the Dark Side had infected him.

He could feel disturbances in the Force, of every kind. With the eyes of a Jedi he could see events taking place in another room or across the Galaxy. He could glimpse the future, in its many chains of probability... and guage which path events were most likely to follow.

His enhanced senses and abilities, always a result of attunement with the living energy around him, gave him the ability to move object without physical contact... even large and heavy objects. He had come to understand the words "Size matters not. The only difference is in your mind."

He could deflect a blaster bolt with his hand... or rip a piece of machinery from its anchor bolts. He could create great sounds, to confuse and distract, or send frightened enemies scrambling for cover.

He knew the moment to strike with the lightsaber... and the moment to step back. He could navigate a ship by instinct alone. He could do astounding feats of acrobatics and make incredible leaps. He had the ability to withstand great pain, farigue, hunger, and thirst. He could transfer a portion of his life energy to another... and accelerate healing in himself and others.

And, with a word or a guesture, he could create thoughts and feelings in the weak-minded... sometimes even in the minds of the strong.

Instead of growing proud as he acquired greater knowledge and skill, he became more unpresuming. He recognized that he drew his strength not from himself, but from the energy of life itself. And he became aware that he ahd just begun to plumb the depths of the possible.

"For it is said the ancient Jedi Knights had many more skills and abilities than these - even the power to manipulate the molecular structure of the universe, to live beyind death, and to guide the path of humankind in righteousness." And there lies the key - for a true Jedi, no matter how far he progresses, does not use power for its pwn sake, or for personal ends, but for the good of others.

He is adpet at all the principal powers and practices of a Jedi... and he stands at the threshold of awakening to the legendary powers of the great Masters of old...

"The ability to destroy a planet - or even a whole system - is insignificant next to the power of the Force"


Control. This skill represents the ability to control one's own inner Force. A Jedi with this skill learns mastery over the functions of their body and harmony with nature.
Sense. This skill teaches a Jedi to sense the Force in other things beyond their own body. The Jedi learns to feel the bonds that connect all living things, and gives her ability to understand how all things are interconnected.
Alter. A Jedi with alter learns how to change the distribution and nature of the Force. A jedi with alter can move things with his mind, help others control their own Force, or change the Force in his own body. This power can be used to change the perceptions of others and make them come to incorrect conclusions.

The Force powers is about manipulating the energies around you, it is done through the will of the Jedi, directing the Force as much as it directs them. As the Force is used outwardly in this case and is not a physical thing there would be no physical strain on the apprentice.

Using the Force to strike or act against someone is a darkside act. By directing an object against someone that is considered a step towards the Darkside. A Jedi acts in defense of others and themselves, never to attack. Using an object to attack someone, by throwing a chair at a dark Jedi, is using the Force in a way that the Jedi do not do. To use the Force as a means of attack, and not defense is to slip to the darkside