Early in June of 2000, two young RPers began talking about an idea. This idea was for a site that would actually teach RPers, both new and old, how to RP a Jedi... And so was born the Jedi Knight Society.

Travis, the originator of the JKS idea, has role played since Star Wars: Episode 1 came out in theatres.
Travis, Co Founder of The Jedi Knight Society :

"Well basiclly, I'm Travis '2', in the world of SWRP. I'm not the head GM of DotF or the awesome RPer; I'm the other guy. How did the JKS get here? Well i was still a newbie and learning from Shaun when i came up with an idea. Well i told him it, and like 2 days later the JKS was born. I'm more of the idea guy around here. I tell Shaun what i think we need and he does it. However my understanding of RP Jedi and Force is quite well, Ive learned from some of the best, who know who they are. I laugh sometimes when i think of my simple idea turning into this awesome site. Thanks Shaun

Shaun is the webmaster of JKS. He brought Travis' idea of a Jedi resource site to life.
Shaun, Co-Founder of The Jedi Knight Society:

"Greetings... I've been RPing for about two years, since a long-time friend of mine brought me into the game. He RPed a Jedi, and did a great job at it. It was through him that i developed my own Jedi character; for over a year i controlled this character in a number of situations, with a number of people, and i belive i have come as close to mastering the art of RPing a Jedi as i ever could. When Travis came to me with the idea of the JKS, i jumped at the opportunity, and i must say i am very pleased with the outcome."

You can contact Travis via e-mail at LazyTravis@Yahoo.com, or by Yahoo! pager with the screen name: LazyTravis.

Shauns' e-mail is Spade_2000@hotmail.com, or by his Yahoo! screen name: MidNyte_Screams. He also has a rarely used AoL account name by the title ' Panacea89 '.