Before you post on the message board, the JKS has a few guidlines we'd like to have followed.

Insulting -
If you're going to have the lack of class to insult us, at least use a bit of wit while doing so. If you plan to insult someone else, not related to JKS, be fore-warned that your post will be deleted without notification, and depending on the severity of the insult, future posts of yours will also be deleted upon sight. We at the JKS allow debates, discussions, and casual arguements - we do, in fact, promote them - but we will not tolerate immature insults and name calling.

Topics -
One should keep in mind that this is a Star Wars message board. We at the JKS ask that you try an keep the topics Star Wars related. The purpose for the board was so anyone could ask questions about Jedi, and Star Wars, and the questions could be answered by the JKS Staff and/or the sites patrons who have stumbled upon the boards and know the answer, and so that Star Wars fans from around the world can meet and talk.

Censorship -
We at the JKS belive in freedom of speech, and therfore, we shall never delete a message because we feel the opinions expressed are wrong. HOWEVER, this topic does border along the question of "What differs a harsh opinion from an insult?" All material shown on the JKS boards are there because the webmasters allow it to be. Therfore, if a post is seen 'unfit', a webmaster will delete it with no notification (see 'insulting' for further details). The JKS hopes they never have to delete a post, and also hopes the users of this board will maintain a certain level of class while posting upon it.

~ JKS Message Board ~