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Historic Locations Concerning the Jedi

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Ambria- The ringed, desert planet Ambria is located in the heart of the Stenness node. Animal life on Ambria includes herds of staga, small lizards called neeks, and strange, evil creatures from Lake Natth, a place strong with the Dark Side of the Force. Thon, a Jedi master who lived four thousand years ago, made his home on Ambria and instructed several Jedi including Nomi Sunrider and the Vultan Oss Wilum.

Arkania- Arkania is a world covered with tundra and diamond mines, where miners extract melon-sized gems from the planet's crust. Four thousand years ago, the Jedi master Arca established a Jedi training outpost in the wilderness of Arkania. Animal life on the planet includes the Arkanian dragon and jellyfish.

Bortras- Jorus C'baoth, the Jedi Master, was born in the city of Reithcas on the planet Bortras on 4/3/112, Pre-Empire date.

Bpfassh- A double planet with a complicated system of moons in the Bpfassh system, located near Praesitlyn and Sluis Van in the Sluis sector. During the Clone Wars some Bpfasshi Dark Jedi created trouble throughout the sector, and a Jedi task force (including Jorus C'baoth) was formed to oppose them. One Dark Jedi made it as far as Dagobah before his death. Because of the insurrection, most Bpfasshi today dislike all Jedi. Bpfassh was also the target of a hit-and-fade attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn and the site of an attempted abduction of Leia Organa Solo. During their search for Delta Source, Leia and Winter analyzed an intelligence report from the Bpfassh system suggesting the Star Destroyer Chimaera was at Anchoron.

Dagobah- An uncharted, mist-shrouded swamp planet in the Dagobah system, Dagobah contains no cities or advanced technology yet teems with a wide variety of life. The thick cloud layer surrounding the planet cannot be penetrated by sensors. Dagobah was home to the Jedi Master Yoda, who instructed both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker before his death at the age of 900. Many years earlier, a Dark Jedi from Bpfassh created trouble throughout his sector before being stopped on Dagobah, presumably by Yoda. A dark cave near Yoda's home could be a vestige of the Dark Jedi's power, and it may have served to shield Yoda during the Emperor's Jedi purge. Luke Skywalker returned to Dagobah five years after Yoda's death and discovered a ship's beckon call that could have belonged to the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi.

Dantooine- An olive, blue, and brown-colored planet with no industrial settlements or advanced technology, Dantooine is far removed from most galactic traffic. Its surface is covered with savannas of lavender grasses and spiky blba trees. The planet has two moons and abundant animal life, including herds of hairy beasts, simple balloonlike creatures, and mace flies. Primitive nomadic tribes move along the coasts, though their numbers are so few the planet is essentially uninhabited. Four thousand years ago, the Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas established a training center among Dantooine's ruins, where he instructed Exar Kun and the Cathar warriors Crado and Sylvar. Millennia later, Dantooine served as a primary base for the Rebel Alliance. When interrogated by Imperials aboard the Death Star, Leia Organa revealed the base's location, though it had been safely deserted for some time. During the New Republic's war against Grand Admiral Thrawn, Admiral Ackbar planned to visit Dantooine following his inspection of the Farrfin and Dolomar defenses. Two years after that, fifty colonists from Eol Sha were relocated on the planet until they were wiped out by a group of Admiral Daala's AT-AT walkers.

Dathomir- Located in the Quelli sector, Dathomir is a low-gravity world with three continents, a wide ocean, and four small moons. The planet is covered with a wide variety of terrain including mountains, deserts, purple savannahs, and forests with eighty- meter trees and vines bearing hwotha berries. Indigenous life on Dathomir includes flying reptiles, piglike rodents, long Whuffa worms, burra fish, and the feared rancors. Semi-intelligent, two-legged reptiles live in the desert and call themselves the Blue Desert People. Humans came to Dathomir hundreds of years ago when a group of illegal arms manufacturers were exiled to the planet by the Jedi Knights. Several generations later, a rogue Jedi named Allya was also exiled to Dathomir. Allya began to teach the Force to the planet's inhabitants and to her descendants, who also learned to tame the wild rancors. Some time later the two-kilometer Jedi spaceborne academy Chu'unthor crashed in a Dathomir tar pit, and the Jedi force sent to recover it was repulsed by the witches-- those female inhabitants who had learned to use the Force. Different clans of the witches (such as Singing Mountain, Frenzied River, and Misty Falls) were formed, including a group following the Dark Side calling itself the Nightsisters. Life among the clans followed a pattern of female dominance, where males were largely treated as property and not allowed to act in important decisions. Imperial forces later constructed orbital shipyards and a penal colony on the surface. Following the failure of the Emperor's attempt to destroy the Jedi enclave on Belsavis, several designers of the "Eye of Palpatine" were reassigned to punitive duty at Dathomir. After the Emperor learned the power of the Nightsister leader Gethzerion, he ordered all the prison's ships destroyed from orbit to prevent her from leaving the planet. The stranded Imperials at the prison were then enslaved by Gethzerion and the other Nightsisters. Four years after the Battle of Endor, Han Solo won the planet Dathomir in a high-stakes sabacc game from Warlord Omogg, who claimed it had been in her family for generations. Han's subsequent adventures on the planet resulted in the destruction of both the Nightsisters and of Warlord Zsinj's forces. Nineteen years after Endor, a new order of Nightsisters based in the Great Canyon emerged on Dathomir. This clan, allied with the Empire and founded by Luke Skywalker's former student Brakiss, treated their males as equals and sent their best Force students to be trained on the Empire's Shadow Academy.

Deneba- A red planet, Deneba was the site of a meeting of thousands of Jedi knights and masters within Mount Meru 4000 years ago. The land surrounding the cavernous Mount Meru and the nearby Meru Spaceport is covered with tall, flowing grasses. During this meeting the Jedi, who had taken on the responsibilities of guarding the Core systems, discussed the problem of the Krath takeover of the Tetan system and the failed Jedi/Republic mission to save Koros Major. Ulic Qel-Droma announced his intentions to join the Krath in order to learn their secrets. A subsequent war droid attack, planned by the Krath, resulted in the death of Jedi Master Arca.

Dxun- Dxun, one of four moons orbiting the planet Onderon, is home to numerous bloodthirsty monsters. Due to Dxun's erratic orbit, several of the creatures were able to migrate to the surface of Onderon ages ago during a brief period in which the two worlds' atmospheres intersected. Four thousand years ago, after Queen Amanda of Iziz was defeated by the Jedi, the inhabitants of Onderon built a Mandalorian iron tomb on Dxun to house the remains of the Queen and the Dark Jedi Freedon Nadd. Exar Kun later visited the tomb, where the spirit of Nadd helped him discover some hidden Sith scrolls.

Endor- Located in the Moddell sector, the forest moon of Endor (also called the Sanctuary Moon) is a temperate, densely forested world. The moon's low axial tilt and the regular orbit of its gas giant primary helps ensure a comfortable climate suitable for its many native lifeforms, including the Endorian pony, the Endoran vethiraptor, and the primitive Ewoks. The Ewoks make their communal dwellings high in the trees, which are considered the spiritual guardians of the Ewoks and can reach heights of 300 meters. Music plays an important role in Ewok culture, and each tribe has a shaman who interprets mystical signs. A natural enemy of the Ewoks are the large humanoid creatures called Gorax, who search the trees for Ewok dwellings low enough to grab. Other predators on the forest moon are numerous but primarily nocturnal. Endor was chosen as the construction site for the second Death Star, and an Imperial base was established on the surface to generate a protective shield for the orbiting battle station. The superweapon and much of the Imperial fleet were subsequently destroyed in what is now known as the Battle of Endor. A cloud of Darkside energy (a residual effect of the Emperor's first death) is now located in Endor's orbit at the site of this destruction. Throm Loro, a leader of the resistance on Cilpar, helped liberate an Imperial base on Endor and saved the life of a Wookiee prisoner.

Hapes Consortium- A cluster of sixty-three stars with sixty-three inhabited planets, the Hapes Consortium is an old and very wealthy society that had almost no contact with the rest of the galaxy for three thousand years. It was settled thousands of years ago by a pirate group called the Lorell Raiders, who seized beautiful women from their victims to serve as their mates. The male descendants continued to serve as pirates for generations, until their forces were eliminated by the Jedi Knights. The women then took control of the cluster, and the inherited leadership title of Queen Mother began. The first queen mother began construction on the Star Home, an enormous castle-like spaceship, four thousand years ago. The worlds of the Hapes cluster include Arabanth, Charubah, Dreena, Gallinore, Reboam, Selab, Terephon, Ut, and Hapes itself, which is orbited by seven moons. Frequent encounters with pirates occur on the cluster's borders, partially because many you ng Hapan males turn to piracy as a means of rebellion. Hapan naval forces include the feared Battle Dragon and the newer Hapes Nova-class battle cruisers. Queen Mother Ta'a Chume broke Hapes' long isolation when she offered her son Prince Isolder to Leia Organa in marriage. Isolder later married Teneniel Djo of Dathomir, who bore a daughter, Tenel Ka.

Kamparas- The Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth attended a Jedi training center on Kamparas for two years, from 2/15/90 until 8/33/88, Pre-Empire date.

Koros Major- One of seven planets in the Teta system, Koros Major was the last planet to resist the system's brutal subjugation by the Krath. The Krath leaders, headed by Satal Keto and Aleema, dispatched hundreds of ground troops to the planet and clashed with a joint Republic/Jedi space force in Koros Major's orbit. The Republic ships were badly damaged in the battle and were forced to retreat.

Korriban- A hidden world, Korriban holds the mummified remains of many Sith lords within great temples located in a deep valley. The temples' exterior is guarded by human skeletons, activated through a combination of machinery and Sith magic. Within the temples was an immense crystal, which held the trapped spirits of Jedi Masters who had dared oppose the Sith. Exar Kun visited Korriban to learn Sith secrets and was tormented by the spirit of Freedon Nadd. Nadd destroyed the crystal and unleashed guardian creatures on Kun, who eventually surrendered to the Dark Side of the Force.

Mandalore system- The Mandalore system was home to the warlike Mandalore, who exterminated the Ithullan race several hundred years ago. During the Clone Wars, a group of warriors from the system were defeated by the Jedi Knights. The notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett wears an armored suit similar to those worn by these Mandalore warriors. Mandalorian battle harnesses are designed to be operated by R2 units, Mandalore prison ships were built to confine Jedi, and Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun was constructed from Mandalorian iron.

Myrkr- Although Myrkr has been settled for 300 years and was well within the Old Republic's boundaries, both the Old Republic and the Jedi always avoided the planet. As a result, Myrkr is unknown to virtually all galactic citizens, with the exception of smugglers and other lawbreakers. The historical aversion of the Jedi was due to one of Myrkr's native life forms, the tree- dwelling ysalamir. The ysalamir has evolved a defensive mechanism allowing it to push the Force from itself in a protective bubble, and many ysalamir grouped together can create a vast region in which the Force does not exist. Another of Myrkr's animals, the predatory vornskr, uses the Force to assist in hunting and tracking prey. The high metal content of Myrkr's trees make sensor readings unreliable, which is one reason why the smuggler Talon Karrde built his chief base deep in the western part of the Great Northern Forest. This base was overrun by Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces after Karrde helped Luke Skywalker escape in Hyllyard City, Myrkr's major population center. Myrkr is located about 350 light years from the planet Wayland. Ood Bnar, a five thousand-year old Jedi master, was a member of the Neti-- an alien species that evolved from trees on Myrkr.

Onderon- Onderon, in the three-planet system of the same name, circles a yellow sun and has four moons with widely-varying orbits. The closest moon, Dxun, is home to numerous bloodthirsty creatures who were able to migrate to the surface of Onderon ages ago, due to a brief period in which the two worlds' atmospheres intersected. The human inhabitants of Onderon evolved defenses against the beasts, culminating in the enormous walled city of Iziz. 4,400 years ago the Dark Jedi Freedon Nadd brought the power of the Sith to Onderon, and those who opposed it were cast out into the wilderness where they tamed the beasts of Dxun. Hundreds of these "beast riders" created their own kingdoms in the wild, and fought continually to overtake Iziz. About 4402 years ago Onderon was first contacted by the Old Republic, and a delegation of Jedi was sent to make peace between the beast riders and Queen Amanda of Iziz two years after that. Following the death of Queen Amanda her daughter Galia took the throne. A subsequent uprising by the followers of Freedon Nadd was put down by the Jedi. Satal Keto and his cousin Aleema, members of Tetan royalty, traveled to Onderon to learn the secrets of Sith magic, which led to their formation of the Krath and the political takeover of the Tetan system. Following the Naddist uprising, a permanent Jedi outpost was built on Onderon from the remains of Nadd's ancient starship. Native life on the planet includes the deadly dragon-bird.

Ossus- Ossus, located in the Adega system (one of the six remaining Auril systems), orbits the twin Adegan suns in a figure-eight trajectory. It was an important Jedi stronghold and learning center in ancient times, and there is some speculation that the Order of Jedi Knights began on this planet. Ossus was once covered with many cities, and a range of rocky mountains was located near the Knossa spaceport. The steep canyon walls are still covered with elaborate murals, and the planet's atmosphere is charged with occasional electrical storms. About 4000 years ago all the cities of Ossus were abandoned during the Great Sith War. The Ysanna, a tribe of warrior-shamans who use the Force to guide their primitive weapons, took up residence on Ossus following its abandonment. A 10,000 year-old lightsaber, given to Leia Organa Solo by Vima-Da-Boda, surfaced 800 years ago in an archaeological dig on Ossus. Luke Skywalker visited an arid, sandy portion of the planet during the Emperor's reappearance and discovered the Ysanna tribe, an ancient Jedi library, and a vault of lightsabers hidden beneath the roots of the Neti Jedi master Ood Bnar. At the time of Skywalker's departure, the New Republic was planning to send in excavation teams to explore Ossus' ruins. While on an undercover mission to Borgo Prime thirteen years later, Skywalker and Tenel Ka claimed that they needed Corusca gems to open a sealed treasure vault located on Ossus.

Ottethan system- Neema, daughter of the Jedi Vima-Da-Boda, was executed in the Ottethan system for attempting to use the dark side of the Force against her husband, an Ottegan warlord. The Ottethan system was the ruling system of his twelve-system empire, located on the far perimeter of the galaxy. She was fed to the rancors that run wild in the Ottethan forests.

Reboam- A harsh, sparsely-populated world in the Hapes cluster, Reboam once served as a hiding place and as the supposed location of a training center for a group of fifty Jedi Knights. After one year the knights were discovered by Darth Vader and a group of Dark Jedi, who killed them and had them sealed in Reboam's ancient ruins.

Shadow Academy- A torus-shaped space station located near the Galactic Core, covered with weaponry and protected by a functional cloaking device. Shadow Academy, capable of hyperspace travel, can move to a new location at a moment's notice. Built for the express purpose of training Jedi in the dark side of the Force, the station is stark and austere, with harsh, spartan accommodations for its students, locks on every door, and chrono chimes marking every quarter-hour. Brakiss, a former student of Luke Skywalker's, leads the Academy with the assistance of the Nightsister Tamith Kai. Various sections of Shadow Academy include the docking bay, a large meeting room, a holographic training chamber, and Brakiss' private office. The entire station is riddled with chain-reaction explosives, set to detonate if the new leader of the Empire is displeased with Brakiss' progress. Consequently, Brakiss is never allowed to leave the station.

Tatooine- A harsh, desert planet orbiting a double star in the Outer Rim, Tatooine is far out of the galactic mainstream (near the Ryloth system) and is ignored by almost everyone. The G1 and G2 stars of the system are referred to as Tatoo I and II, and the planet is orbited by two moons. The two native alien species of Tatooine are the meddlesome Jawas and the fierce Tusken Raiders, commonly called Sandpeople. The Jedi knight Dace Diath, who lived four thousand years ago, was a native of Tatooine. Millennia later, the Jedi knight Obi-Wan Kenobi came to the desert planet to place the infant Luke Skywalker in the care of Kenobi's brother Owen Lars and his wife Beru. Several years after that, a message from Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, whose ship had been captured above Tatooine, helped bring Kenobi out of his life as a hermit near the Dune Sea and into the service of the Alliance. Immediately before the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker and his friends returned to Tatooine to free Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt's palace, which resulted in the death of the crimelord.

Teta system (Empress Teta system)- A system of seven carbonite- mining worlds, including Kirrek and Koros Major, named for the female warlord who conquered the system during the early days of space travel. The raw carbonite produced in the Tetan mines is a vital ingredient in the construction of hyperdrives. The royal descendants of Empress Teta rule the system, sharing power and profits with the leaders of the influential Carbonite Guild. Four thousand years ago, the privileged sons and daughters of the Tetan royalty began experimenting with the Dark Side of the Force, introduced to them by the royal heirs Satal Keto and Aleema. They formed a group known as the Krath, which used Sith magic and military force to quickly conquer the system. Public executions of rebellious carbonite miners were held in the central plaza of the ruling Tetan city of Cinnagar. The Krath took up residence in Cinnagar's iron citadel, which contains an inner city and an opulent palace behind its walls. Beneath the citadel are underground dungeons and a vast cavern, where th e Krath hung political prisoners. The Jedi knight Ulic Qel-Droma, following a Tetan attack on a Deneban Jedi assembly, traveled to Cinnagar in order to learn the Krath's Dark Side secrets. A Jedi attack force later attempted to rescue Qel-Droma from the iron citadel, but he insisted on remaining in Cinnagar.

Vjun- The planet Vjun contains Bast Castle, once the private refuge of Darth Vader and later the headquarters of the Emperor's Dark Jedi. The planet is lashed with acidic, burning rain, and no plant life can survive on its bleak surface. Kam Solusar served as a Darkside warrior on Vjun, before Luke Skywalker turned him to the light side on Nespis VIII.

Xappyh sector- Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth was named ambassador at large to the Xappyh sector by the Senate on 8/21/62 Pre-Empire date.

Yavin 4- The fourth moon of the planet Yavin houses the temples and ruined buildings of the now-vanished Massassi race, and once served as the primary base for the Rebel Alliance. The moon is covered with a wild, largely unexplored jungle composed of towering Massassi trees. Over four thousand years ago the Sith magician Naga Sadow, under a death sentence from the current Sith Lord, fled to Yavin 4 with his followers where he could practice his Dark Side alchemy in peace. Sadow hid his starship and his alchemic equipment beneath the Sith Temple of Fire. Sadow's alchemy helped create many monsters, including a warrior species called the Massassi designed to guard Sadow's Yavin 4 legacy. The Massassi, the mutated descendants of the ancient Sith, gradually devolved into a primitive but dangerous people, using the Dark Side to augment their archaic weapons. When the Dark Jedi Exar Kun arrived on Yavin 4, he enslaved the Massassi and had them construct new temples as focal points for Sith power. When a united group of Jedi tried to stop him, the resulting battle caused the destruction of most of the moon's jungles and the deaths of the remaining Massassi-- Kun was forced to trap his spirit within the temples in order to survive. Thousands of years later, the Alliance constructed its primary base within the abandoned temples. The first Imperial Death Star was destroyed (in what is now referred to as the Battle of Yavin) as the station attempted to fire its superlaser on Yavin 4. During the fighting, an Imperial pilot named Qorl crashed his damaged TIE in the moon's jungles and fruitlessly awaited rescue. The Rebel base was abandoned following the battle, but the Great Temple was used eleven years later as the location of Luke Skywalker's Jedi academy. The pyramidal Great Temple lies between two broad rivers and lies near the ruins of the Palace of the Woolamander. The top of the Temple houses an observation deck, and below that is the vast grand audience chamber. Below the chamber are housing levels, and the ground level contains the Communications Center, common rooms, and the Alliance's former War Room. The Temple's hangars are located underground. Yavin 4's flora includes nebula orchids, feather ferns, and blueleaf shrub. Indigenous life in Yavin 4's jungles include the social (and edible) woolamanders, mucous salamanders, purple jumping spiders, piranha beetles, lizard crabs, whisper birds, fur-covered runyips, crystal snakes, stump lizards, ravenous stintarils, a six-legged, tusked beast with tentacled eyes, and flying, two- headed reptiles created during the time of Exar Kun.