Creeping Death Chapter 1
"Midnight Nightmares"

Sabers clashed through the dense fog, to hard to see only the colors of the sabers were made out, green the nature of the force and red fire anger from deep within. They continued to battle like beautiful neon lights but suddenly the green was gone and red had prevailed.

Dagle shot straight up out of sleep he stood there sitting, " It was all a dream.." He said quietly not wanting to wake his Eve, his love. He looked over at Eve her arm had been draped across him now it in his lap. He smiled to himself faintly he was more happy than he had ever been in his life. His gaze left her and went to the window then it struck him the darkness tore through him like a sharp knife evil had surrounded him. This was a new evil he had never felt before it he couldn't concentrate it was blocking his vision of the force it was so strong.

He raised his hands up to his forehead and rested them there; it was like a headache that would quit. Dagle rose from his bed and slid on some loose fitting pants and a big short sleeve shirt. He left the bedroom and traveled through the small home to the living room. He sat down in his chair and tried to concentrate on this evil but there was only pain. Who would come after him? Better yet who knew he was here? Dagle was now on Umgul a small planet, he lived high on a plat toe at the foot of the mountains in a small hut it was the same look of Blane Vast and Damien Firestone's.

He sat there for hours it seemed, but he knew it was only minutes. "What is the darkness that troubles me?" He spoke allowed to himself. Then it came to his realization that dreams often held keys the future. The green saber fell then he woke up. "Is this what is to come?" With those words spoken the sun peered and began to light up the surroundings but the fog was thick an unforgiving, Dagle knew the illusive evil was closer than before with the break of day. In a way this was still just a midnight nightmare.

Chapter 2
"Thorn Within"

The Sun had just risen and the fog stayed, it was a cloudy day Dagle could tell. It was now a few hours passed dawn and he still sat in the same chair with the same pain still around him. Evil was in there no doubt this figure or person no doubt was a master with the force to pull off such a strong holding with it. Like a constant headache Dagle continued to reach out with the force to attempt to aid him in this mind battle.

About half an hour later or so Eve woke up. She looked over to see Dagle but instead saw a cold empty spot. She was curious he would always stay right there in bead and watch her sleep. He was always there for her. The pain she felt from her past was taken away by this man, she loved him despite there slight age difference her just turning 18 and him almost 23 now. She rose from her bead and slid on a white robe, she stepped bare footed on to the hard wood floor. Her long blond hair hung down not far past her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled, as she felt nothing despite the pain Dagle felt within.

She stepped out into the main room and saw Dagle sitting in the chair his back to her. He knew she was there but was too distracted to say anything. She quietly approached the chair and position herself to face him. She noticed right way he wasn't dressed and he hadn't shaved, his thin well kept beard looked rougher. She smiled her beautiful face brought Dagle's attention back to this world. He smiled, " Good morning Eve.." His voice wasn't the same though it was like he was missing the spark in his voice and his eyes seem drained and tired. She looked at him and knelt her eyes full of love, she kissed him lightly but noticed there was hardly any response, " Something wrong sweetie?" she asked curiously. " I don't know.. something is different today, I have a bad feeling?" He was open with her she never had a problem with him being a Jedi but she held back many of times from stopping him from another damn crusade. " Maybe its because you didn't get much sleep…I woke up in the middle of the night and you were gone." She smiled to be reassuring. " I'm sure that's it I didn't get much sleep." He held back from telling her the truth this time she didn't need to know what was coming. " I bet if you went and took a nice long shower and got yourself around you'll feel a lot better." He nodded and without saying a word went into the bedroom and started up the shower.

~A while later ~

Dagle and Eve now sat down for dinner, they were eating a good meal Eve was a wonderful cook. The pain and the force warnings and now subsided Dagle felt better now for some reason. Maybe it was the shower he thought, as he chewed on a vegetable. Eve spoke up wanting to break the silence of food chewing, "That's weird the fog hasn't lifted much today Dagle, I wonder why…" " Most likely there is storm brewing the west." Dagle finished his meal and stood up Eve was also done with her dinner. He took both there dishes to the sink and set them there. He rubbed his chin and felt the short hairs of his beard he did feel better after shaving.

Now the sun was close to setting it was sinking but the fog still was thick. Dagle sat down in his chair in the living room Eve was off reading a book. Dagle turned his gaze out the main window while he was turning his head the pain returned striking him like a brick wall in a head on collision. He looked out and there stood a figure in the fog, just as he saw the figure this dark warrior knew, fury and anger were with this person and a red beam was clearly seen through the fog.

Creeping Death
Chapter 3
"Forgotten Hero"

Figure loomed his gaze on the house his blade still extended. Quickly Daigle rose from his chair, he looked to en table where his saber lied with a simple call of the force the saber sprang from the en table to his reached out hand. Quickly he opened the door and rounded the house the fog was about waist high at the thickest point and vision was only about 100yds.

Now he grew closer to already waiting agent of evil. His saber ignited with a snap hiss like sound and 4ft green blade extended nature of the force green represented growth and evolution of the force. As their gap closed to within 10 ft Daigle was ready himself in a Chundan position. It was the common style of dueling and Daigle had adapted to it quite well.

Now the dark warrior lunged forward his saber swinging uncontrolled and undisciplined at Daigle's right side above the forearm. With a quick parry to blast sparks flew off each saber and crackling sound filled the area. They battled back and forth-there saber seemed to be cutting through fog like lightning breaking the sky.

Rain had begun to fall know it was getting to be quite down fall of water, but it didn't stop either of the two there battle was equal one could not gain the advantage of the other. They battled for a while now away from the home they were down in the swamp as the storm picked up.

Rain mixed with hail pelted each one of them. Daigle's endurance now seemed to gaining the advantage the warrior was running low on stamina. Knocking him down to his knees Daigle gripped his saber with both hands and through quick heavy strikes at dark knight. Confidence began to grow within him as he threw another heavy saber strike but with quickness and unaware and clarity dark warrior angled his saber and with the next strike hilt of Daigle's saber blown apart in the same move the dark warrior used a telekinetic push, hit him like a wall plunging him backwards into the cold swampy water.

The Dark warrior stood up, and Daigle laid in defeat. He moved closer as if not in hurry to kill the Jedi. As fate would have it if you don't use the opportunity it uses you. A bolt of lightning came plunging to ground at them Daigle closed his eyes and listened as the streaking light hit a loud thumb hit the ground. Was it the warrior or a tree? Was he waiting there for Daigle to open his eyes and be conquered? His eyes opened quickly it wasn't the face of a killer he saw but that of a friend and old friend who had be gone a long time. Damien Firestone stood there he extended his hand down to him and spoke quietly, " You will learn to trust me with your life and I will never fail you…." Damien had saved Daigle's life and returned once again.

Daigle Windhaven Jedi Knight