To use the Force, a Jedi must remain at harmony with it. To act in dissonance depletes one's power.

The Force is created and sustained by life. The Jedi acts to preserve life. To kill is wrong.

Yet it is often necessary to kill. The Jedi may kill in self-defense or in the defense of others. You may kill, if in doing so, life is preserved.

But you must know, always, that killing is wrong. When you kill, you commit a crime against the Force.
Though you may know that you do so for the greater good, and the greater good justifies your act, you must know that the death remains as a stain upon your soul.

The Jedi does not act for personal gain of wealth or power. You must act to gain knowledge; to sustain freedom, life and learning; to defeat those who impose tyranny, death and ignorance.

Sometimes, wealth or power is needed to achieve the Jedi's goals. Money is required for the purchase of goods; power is required to obtain the help of others. To achieve one's goals, a Jedi may obtain wealth or power, but interested in it for it's own sake, and will surrender it once it's goals are achieved.

A Jedi never acts from hatred, anger, fear or aggression. A Jedi must act when calm, at peace with the Force. To act from anger is to court the Dark Side, to risk everything for which the Jedi stand.