"There is no emotion; There is peace"
As a True Jedi, one must put aside personal emotion. Emotion is a quality held by beings; not by the force. Emotion can drive one to act in haste, and leads to anger and hatred. A Jedi must never travel down the path emotion - Instead, a Jedi must allow the force to take control, replacing emotion with peace.

"There is no ignorace; There is knowledge"
For a Jedi, there is no limit to knowledge. A Jedi knows that to stop learning is to become ignorant. Because of that, a Jedi always strives for more knowledge. A Jedi belives that there is no useless knowledge.

"There is no passion; There is serenity"
Passion can drive a being to act without thinking, much like emotion. A Jedi knows that to allow passion to control them, they are allowing themselves to fall prey to the Darkside. To keep calm in situations of unease is the way of the Jedi.

"There is no death; There is The Force"
A Jedi knows that life does not end with mortal death - For, every soul that dies their mortal life joins into the force, making it stronger in some way. When a Jedi dies, their soul joins into the force, and the Lightside grows stronger than before.