Jedi Attire

Over centuries, The Jedi have come to have a reconized form of dress. This choice of attire is most commonly refered to as 'The Traditional Jedi Robes'.

Firstly, the attire consist of an outer coat - most commonly a faded brown shade, hanging down to the floor and a hood attached. It can be tied with a sash of the same color, but it is most commonly worn open, revealing the under lays of the outfit.

Benieth the outer robe lays a basic, mauve or offwhite colored shirt, of the long sleeve type. This shirt has no pockets, nor buttons, and hangs down to the wearers mid-thigh. With no direct way of closing the shirt, a belt is then administered over the waist, forming a 'V' neck line.

Long pants, to the same shade of the shirt, are worn comfortably. The ends of the cloth never go down past the wearers' ankles, to avoid tripping.

Along with the cloth, a Traditional Jedi attire is not complete without a pair of knee-high boots. These boots range from a low variety of colors, consisting of brown through black.

Over the years, Jedi have altered their form of dress to fit their own personalities and desires. However, tradition lives on in most, and these simple - yet divine - robes shall continue to be worn on Jedi across the galaxy...