The Holocron

The Holocron, a glowing cube that sits comfortably in the palm of the hand, is a source of wisdom containing some of the most secret Jedi history and teachings as revealed by long departed Jedi Masters.

"The teachings of the Holocron include thousand year old secrets - but they also include the words and faces of men in the process of discovery. The Jedi Masters of old were not afraid to let their minds roam freely, for they were hungry for ever greater understanding of the mysterious Force that had become their power and their ally."

Holocrons use what seems to be a forgotten technology combining many crystals in a complex latticework formation and hardware that serves to record and reproduce holographic images and sound. They appear to have unlimited storage capacity and have no visible energy source. Its metal parts are embossed with curious designs suggesting great antiquity. Some Holocrons are simple cubes, while others have unusual geometric shapes or ornate symbols etched into their crystalline faces. Each Holocron has its own different access method, such as touching a specific panel or speaking a certain phrase aloud. The Holocron built by the famed Master Bodo Baas automatically activated as soon as it was grasped by anyone who was attuned to the Force.

Holocrons are the custom-built instructional tools used by Jedi Masters to teach beyond their death. These small crytalline cubes store volumes of holographic records documenting the history and lore of the Jedi Knights. It contains histories and wisdom and information about the Jedi, collected down through the years. On the most superficial level, the Jedi Holocron is mearly a recording device, and example of primative hologram technology. However, a holocron is more than a collection of static recordings. It is an interactive teaching tool, an intuitive logic module that faithfully re-creates the images and personalites of past Jedi Masters, who act as hosts. The Jedi who built the Holocron is the promary host, while other contributors add their images and personalities to host their sections. A model of the gatekeeper's cognitive network serves as a search, recovery and storage allocation program. The holocron detects a students ability and holds back things they are not yet prepared to know. It is a vast library in a small container - a collection of "books" whose authors visit the reader and speak to them directly. Students can question the holocron in times of need, the holocron can teach the student how to use the Force, the holocron can be a friend.

The Holocron has many levels and many branching paths concealed within its circuity. Only Jedi Knight can unlock those hidden places. A pattern of organic crystals at the heart of the Holocron reacts to the presence of a true Jedi. These crystals are the key to the deeper levels of the Holocron's mysteries. The hosts guide Jedi students through specific lessons, imparting information, and also testing their abilities. They pose philosophical challanges about the nature of the Force to help Jedi students master their new abilities while remaining in harmony with the light side fo the Force. These guides restrict access to sensitive information - particularly techniques related to advanced Force powers - until students have proved their ability to use the knowledge responsibly. The Holocron records depict important historical events, such as the struggle to defeat Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun, or document a Master's training and mediation techniques. Jedi Knights used their Holocrons to explain newly formulated Force abilities and record their theories about the nature of the Force. These devices provided a means of passing Jedi Knowledge from generation to generation to ensure that the lessons of the post - both heroic and tragic - would never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, the ancient Jedi Holocrons have all but disappeared from the galaxy. Emperor Palpatine destroyed many as part of his plan to obliterate the Jedi Knight. Luke Skywalker first learned about these devices during his tutorials with Obi-Wan Kenobi, but he didn't actually see one until nearly a decade later, when he confronted the reincarnated Emperor Palpatine, who possessed the Holocron of Master Bodo Bass. Luke and Priness Leia Organa Solo liberated this device, and Luke used it to greatly imporve his knowledge of the Force. unfortunately, it was destroyed during the struggle against the Emperor's forces. It is believed that other Holocrons may still survive, hidden in the isolated huts of long-dead Jedi Knights, awaiting a time when those strong in the Force will rediscover the old ways.