Have you ever entered a role play room and watched someone RP a Jedi? Did a smile play the corners of your lips as he or she wrote actions befitting a Jedi?

If yes, you can easily relate to the goals of the Jedi Knight Society.

This site was constructed over a year ago with the one simple goal of informing others, such as yourself, about the Star Wars Jedi. Over time, the site has added additional features - such as downloads and fan-fic - but, the basic purpose has always been the same.

In April of 2001, JKS re-worked their website, making it a great deal more user freindly and, basically, more appealing to the eye. With the change of site, we also have broadened our focus over Role Play. For those who had seen the old site, you may know that we used to be a reference site for one specific Role Play. Now, we have broken apart from any sort of direct affiliations to be able to bring a grand overview, encompassing ALL Star Wars role plays.

JKS was founded by Role Players, who often took the part of Jedi, so we know what it is like to RP them. We've also seen what it's like to watch a Jedi be RPed incorrectly. By this, we only mean that the character didn't fit the true Jedi role.

With this site, one can learn about Jedi, and then look to their own characters, and ask themselves,

"Is this character truely a Jedi...?"