Official credit for Star Wars goes to it's respective owners (i.e., George Lucas, Lucas Arts, ect...).

As for JKS...

Because we gathered a great deal of information from other sites, and we belive in giving full credit where it is due, JKS will go step-by-step, each page, telling where we found the information. Anything not credited on these pages:
(A) Was created by JKS
(B) Can be found all across the web in various places
(C) Was because JKS cannot remember exactly where it was found. Keep in mind JKS was made almost a year ago, and this is our first true credits page, as we felt since we grew larger, proper credit should be given.

JKS makes no claim that the following credited sites have owner ship, or that they created the orginal work. We merely give credit to where we found it, and have no interest in how they aquired it.


The Force - Scripts taken from, as well as from Daves' essay, found on the Downloads page.

Jedi Code - Scripts written by Dave, found on his essay on the Downloads page. Graphic designed by JKS Webmaster.

Jedi Mantra - Graphic designed, and scripts written, by JKS Webmaster.

The Jedi Way - Source unknown

Lightsaber Info. - All information found within this page is credited to Graphics found various places throughout the web.

Jedi Powers - Information credited to

Jedi Ranks and Training - Credited to (coming soon)

Jedi Holocron - Information credited to

Jedi Attire - Designed and scripted by JKS Webmaster.

Lessons from Master Yoda - Information credited to

Legends of the Lightside - Designed by JKS Webmaster. Stories under creative rights to their respective owners; see page for more details.

The Sith - Novelization: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace, w/ addition text by JKS Webmaster.

Fellow Jedi - Composed by JKS Co-Founder Travis.

RP Tips - Page designed by JKS Webmaster. Addition text provided by various authors; see page for details.

T1 Fighting Rules - Information credited to

Lightsaber Construction - Credited to

Links - Design credited to JKS Webmaster. Links owned by respective webmasters. See page for details.

Message Board - The message board itself is credited to

Our Goal, Contact Us, JKS Founders, Site Credits, We Challange You - Pages designed by JKS Webmaster.

Downloads - Site designed by JKS Webmaster. JKS, however, does not take credit for the creation of the DLs. Specific credit can be found in some cases on the page itself.

Historic Locations - From the Star Wars Planet Guide v2.0 by Dan Wallace.

Special thanks goes to: and for the information they provide. for hosting this webpage free of charge.

The SW Fans and RPers for both taking interest in our site, and for making contributions to the Legends of the Lightside page.