An Elegant weapon for and Elegant time. Star Wars Role Play has a large number of characters who use, build, or sell lightsabers. These are the production steps of creating a lightsaber. Below the construction steps is an example IC time period for creating such weapons.

(1.) Snap the activation switch into place on the hilt, connect the connecters to the chosen circuit board.
(2.) Place shielding tape along the switch and the location of the superconductor.
(3.) Slip the gem stone(s) into place to focus the beam that will become the blade.
(4.) Adjust, and place the continuous energy lens at the center, just above the gem stone(s).
(5.) On the end of the hilt, where the beam will form, screw on the high energy flux aperture.
(6.) Clip in energy cell, discharged, and connect the recharging socket.
(7.) Plug the Lightsaber into the recharging station that will be used to charge the cell for the first time.

From here a person will perform the final step in the creation of the Lightsaber, melding each part into the other, creating the most efficient weapon in the known galaxy. This is the most critical part of the Lightsaber construction. It will bond the Lightsaber to the Force User, as well as open a brand new door down the path of the Characters training. The Jedi power Lightsaber Meditation is used to complete the final steps of the Lightsaber.

Construction Time

This is an example of a construction time used for Role Plays to help keep the production of lightsabers "realistic". (Note: Different RPs' have different rules. The following is just an example).

(IRL=In Real Life)

(1.) Single Bladed Standard Length Lightsaber-1 IRL week.
(2.) Single Bladed Extendable Blade Lightsaber-2 IRL Weeks.
(3.) Double Bladed Lightsaber-3 IRL Weeks.
(4.) Double Bladed Extendable Blade Lightsaber-1 IRL Month
(5.) Double Bladed Saber That Detaches into two sabers-1 IRL Month
(6.) Light Whip-2 IRL Months.(weapon only available to those with the plans)
(7.) Light Knife-1 IRL Month(weapon only available to those with the plans)
(8.) Light Glaive, Light Claws-1 IRL Month(weapons only available to those with the plans)