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~ Begin Your Journey of Knowledge... ~

*As you stand there, in your soul you feel something... A tingle... This is a sensation you have felt before, but not in a long time. As your eyes scamper the area, you come across another figure. This figure is drapped in Tradition Jedi Robes , and the aura that flows about him is pure with radiance of the lightside. He appoaches you swiftly, with little noise as he walks. Looking into your eyes, he bits you greetings and bows ever the slightest, in a form of respect.

*After a moment, he begins to speak to you, his tone calm and friendly, as if he had been a friend of years past.

"Greetings to you, my fellow lightsider... I have sought you out today to give you this..."

*From the depths of his robes, he pulls a rectangular box. Upon this box has many buttons and scripts, written in a standard galaxy text. You look up to this man with a questioning gaze, wondering who he is and what exactly this contraption now in your own hands is.

"I can understand your confusion, my friend... Let me explain... I am from a small order known as 'The Jedi Knight Society'.. We work in the shadows, keeping out of eye from all who may seek to harm us. Our cause is to provide Fellow Jedi - ranging from the oldest and wises, to the Newer and less experianced - with information on The Jedi Ways ..."

*Your eyes still flutter rather blankly as you listen to this mans words. Before you have the chance to ask, however, the man seems to read you mind and says,

"The information we provide is on that holodeck in your hands... We - The Jedi Knight Society - strive to preserve the old ways. We have studied the old Jedi Holocron, as well as The Halls of Knowledge. Keeping in touch with our past - followings of the Jedi Code and Jedi Mantra - keep us remembering what it is to be a true follower of the Force . Our xenoarcheaologists have also been able to track down the anchient teachings of other fellow Jedi, whom have sinced joined the force completely. Some of these elders include Dunio Kyyki, a studier of The Sith ."

"This hologram machine also includes detailed instructions on how to constuct your own Lightsaber , with tips and strategic methods of use. As you may already understand, though Jedi do not look for wars, a Jedi must be familiar with the many methods of Fighting [T1 Style fighting rules] and hand to hand combat skills, when all other methods of peaceful approach fail."

"I am sure you will be able to find much information of value within that small mechanical object... Be well..."

*With a smile and nod, the name slowly walks back the way he arrived. As you look down at the box, you smile slightly, for no reason for sure. Just holding this box in hand, you know there is a great deal to learn from what rests inside...

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Information Database:

The Force - a description of the ultamite power, and the side which Jedi thrive from: The Lightside.
Jedi Code - A set of principles, or ethics, that the true Jedi follow.
Jedi Mantra - The 'Jedi Mantra'
The Jedi Way - If there was a short pamphelet on how to be a Jedi, this would be it.
Lightsaber Info. - An extremely in-depth look at a Lightsaber: Size, Shape, Color, Weight, Looks, Power, Fighing Styles, and more!.
Jedi Powers - Story format writings, describing the abilities of a Jedi.
Jedi Ranks and Training - A detailed look on how one evolves in ranks of Jedi.
The Jedi Holocron - A description of the anchient Jedi Holocrons; their use and functions.
Jedi Attire - A description of tradition Jedi cloths.
Lessons from Master Yoda - Quotes from Jedi Master Yoda, on various aspects of training. This page also includes tips from other Jedi Masters, such as Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.
Historic Locations - A list of planets, systems, and space stations that have held a certain important meaning for the Star Wars Jedi. Each location has a description of why it is important.
Legends of the Light - This is a page made for you, the reader, directly. It consists of two sections: RP and Fan-Fiction. The RP is only for those of you who role play, and wish to preserve a post or short story you made about your character. The secodn section is for general Star Wars fan-fiction; anyone and everyone may submit a story. (last updated: April-06-2001)
The Sith - An overview of the Sith, brought to you in a first person, IC directed manner.

RP Database:

Fellow Jedi - This is a list of the current Jedi/Lightside characters throughout RP.
RP Tips - One of the most useful RP pages on this site, this section is packed full with helpful tips for RPing, written by some of the 'veterian' RPers. This page also includes commonly used Chat Slang, and RP phrases.
T1 Fighting Rules - T1 is the most used form of fighting Star Wars role play. This section describes in detail how to go about fighting in T1.
Lightsaber Construction- Information on how to ICly build your lightsaber.
Links. - No site would be complete without a links page. On our page, you can find Star Wars links, Role Play links, and various others.


Star Wars: The Aftermath

Defenders of the Force

Star Wars: Forgotten Legends

Expansion of the Force

Galactic Embassy

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  • New page: Historic Locations has been added to our database.
  • Coming in the Future to JKS: 'Image Gallery', 'SW Character Database', and 'RP Walk-through'

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