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nhl survivor


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{"I just wanna see a cow have a seizure." -Vanessa
"..." -Zoey
"No, just like, a large animal convulsing, like an elephant!" -Alycia
"I'm surrounded by Hitlers..." -Zoey}

{"Somehow the word superior always brings us back to Nathan." -Amy 2
"Oh the irony..." -Zoey}

"You can share my butt-pad!" -Cory to a guy in gym class

"Sometimes I feel like a motherless child..." -Cory

"You know what's freaky? Getting stuck in construction and then having a van of girls stare at you with them thinking you don't notice...At first it was great! But I don't think they were blinking..." -Cory

"What do you call a small cows udders?"

"I'm too sexy for my vest..." -Cory

"Man! I feel like a woman!" -Cory

"I don't know how I would live without boxers...probably impotent, but anyways-" -Cory

"That better not be put on the site..." -Cory

"Oh well...he'll die sooner or later." -Cory

"I look pretty damn good in a kilt thank you very much!" -Cory

"Just call me gel master." -Cory

"My butt isn't handicapped" -Cory

"My boob is showing!" -Eena

"Saggy Taurus." -Katrina when asked what was between Scorpio and Capricorn

"Everyone invades Poland!" -Katrina

"First rule of pregnancy: don't wear maternity lingerie!" -Katrina

{"Ah! Did you just say "sin"? It's 'sine'!" -Zoey
"...I was talking about French..." -Katrina
"But you didn't say 'sine', did you? DID YOU!?" -Zoey (if you add to this the fact that Katrina constantly nags people for mispronouncing Sine, its even funnier..)}

{"They're selling brains down the road for $10..." -Katrina hinting at Vannie
"Wha!?.......OH! I thought you were being literal!" -Zoey}

{"Just to be different-a PINK swastika! Hitler would be spinning in his grave!" -Katrina
"300 RPM!" -Zoey}

"I'm just absorbing your information...with splinters in my butt." -Krys

"I'd rather lick my liver than go out with him..." -Krys

"You're a homo, which makes you a homo." -Krys

"I don't want to talk about deceased hampsters thank you." -Krystle

"She wasnt being a very good wife." -Krys 'bout Nessie

{"Without wheels, you wouldn't have your zamboi!" -Krys
"Yes, my's called a zamboni ya loser..." -Zoey}

{"The Minnesota Wild suck ass!" -Zoey
"Well, every team has their downfalls."-Krys}

"So...essentially, you were sucking on his fingers!" -Lyndz

"I don't like being compared to a wonderbra..." -Lyndz

"We're not girls, technically." -Lyndz about herself, Vannie, Katrina and Zoey

{"Ptsang!" -Katrina
"It's like the sound it makes when you run into a wall!" -Lyndz
"An aluminum wall..." -Zoey}

"I passed my old house today and I think they made Miles into a bathroom." -Mellie

"I want to be the first woman to impregnate a man!!" -Mellie

"No, kids don't poke the hobo, I don't feel like kicking a hobo's ass." -Patrick

"Now, foodless food! It's tastes like food, it's really soap! Soap with Japanese newspapers." -Patrick

"My distressed arm movements at the Flames irritate the nipple." -Patrick

"Ahhh piss hats and potty cakes I broke my watch." -Patrick

"Sometimes I'm a real retard, other times, a fake one." -Patrick

"Whats just so much funny now" -Peter when he was sick

{"yeah, I got slashed so hard by the girl that broke her arm. Like, I have such a big bruise." -Sarah
"ouchies, KARMA!!! Shes got KARMALIZED!" -Zoey}

"Goodbye! I'm from Hell..." -Steele

["I have lightning balls!" -Zoey
"Okay, don't EVER say that again." -Steele(this was during a game of SSB)]

""Eel Tits." -Steele pronouncing his name backwards

"Zo, do humpets need reeds?" -Steele

"Why don't you have a neck?" -Steele

{"How do you get a uni-brow?" -Steele
"Well, I didn't do it on purpose..." -Rob}

"Have you ever been so fat that you couldn't see your feet?" -Steele

" with icecream... well, not so good. Kinda cold." -Nessie

"...I just bit Cory..." -Vanessa

{*holds windshield washer fluid* "If I was Rasputin, I could drink this." -Vanessa}

"...sandwich" -Vanessa

{"Woo! Take it off!" -Vanessa
"PUT IT ON!" -Vanessa}

{"I just wanna see a cow have a seizure." -Vanessa
"..." -Zoey
"No, just like, a large animal convulsing, like an elephant!" -Alycia
"I'm surrounded by Hitlers..." -Zoey}

{"I'm gonna hump unsuspecting victims!" -Vanessa
"Hump that old man! Hump Harry!" -Zoey}

"You're like a drum; you're hollow and you have skin stretched over you." -Zoey

["I have lightning balls!" -Zoey
"Okay, don't EVER say that again." -Steele(this was during a game of SSB)]

"Don't you feel like such a loser when you quote yourself?" -Zoey

"We have a Swiffer's sorta intimidating with it's Swiffer pads that work like Maxi pads..." -Zoey

"Playing in the band room is like licking an ashtray..." -Zoey

"You don't fold the bible!" -Zoey

"Rural..think of it like..rural pants - pants you wear in the country!" -Zoey

"Okay, I'm dead and you're making out with some guy?!" -Zoey

"{:\/ <~duckie." -Zoey

"Your's like a reality TV show...and all of Irvine is tuned in... no ones sure WHY they're watching it though." -Zoey to Peter

"Laugh away, druggedup-ass" -Zoey to Vanessa

{"The Minnesota Wild suck ass!" -Z
"Well, every team has their downfalls."-Krys}

{"Midget Pot-Pie!"
"Roadkill Pot-Pie!"}

{"Ian doesn't look good." -E
"How come?" -Z
"He looks like a thalidomide child..." -E
o.O "HE'S A CHIBI!" -Z
"Oh, is that what they call them now?" -E}

Special and/or Anonymous People "I jugged you once and I'll jug you again!" -Van

"Leger, it's French for 'run til you puke. ..Or maybe not, I'm not good with French." -Mr F

["Ahh, a giant aphid!" -Stee
"So what would that be called? A Beefid? A Ceefid? A Deefid?..." -Derek
"A Beefid? I've never heard of that! Thats not real, is it?" -Ryan
the next day
"Haha! That was funny when you thought beefids were real, Ryan!" -Stee
"What? Whaddaya mean they're not real--I mean, yeaaah, that waas funny!" -Ryan]

"Shush. Translation: Shush." -Ryan

"Oreo lumps, it's the polio of the 21st century!" -Derek

"Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with tar!" -Ms. Schrader

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