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Due: April 23

Hello I am Prof. Weight (no jokes please, -5 points to your house if you do), your potions Professor. You will get a weekly assignment 3 weeks in a row then a test the next week. You lose 1% for every day things are late.

Read This (all the information you need to do the work is here)

All magical elements have dark or white magic properties, but you can eliminate that by mixing it with the opposite (white + dark = neutral) What happens there is called a magic annihilation. Neutral elements are not magical. The scale on which we measure the how dark or white an element is, is called the Pp. scale. 0-6.9 are dark, 7 is neutral, and 7.1-14 is white.

At any extremity (0 or 14) the elements that are there are extremely dangerous. When you mix a dark and a white element a magical reaction takes place. The magic parts change the way the are linked. New products are formed. These new products have their own properties. These properties are different than the 2 magical elements that were at the start.

Is it white or dark? The most common way to tell is by using the wutsit spell to do this just say 'Allamor Dortis!' (no wand needed) If the mixture turns blue its is white, no change it is neutral and purple, and red it is dark.

Dragon Blood-Red

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