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Your first Herbology lesson will be due on the 22nd of April. Unlike most Herbology lessons, we will be studying Elemental Magic this week.

Elemental Magic includes the four basic elements: Earth Energy, Air Energy, Fire Energy, and Water Energy. We will be studying Earth Energy.

  • Colors include black, brown, and green.
  • The Magical Creature of Earth Energy is the gnome.
  • The best Earth Energy Elemental Magic is done in: Caves, mountains, forests, natural tunnels, and deserts.

    Earth Energy is the most common elemental magic used because it is so easy to find sources. Sources are elementally based objects that can be used for elemental magic. In this case stones, sand, even salt can be used.

    Earth energy is strong and cool. It is especially strong where the earth is uninhabited, for instance, in a desert or in the mountains. We will be practicing in the Forbidden Forest. Earth energy is especially valuable in healing magic. A stone or crystal is often held for strength and protection.

    This is the symbol for Earth Element.

    Everyone, please choose one of the sources over here! You can choose from sand, salt, stones and clay. Now, follow me and we will go into the Forest. Make sure you have your wands! I need to show you both ways to do this magic. Yes, there is a way muggles can use elemental magic but it is nowhere as strong as a wizard or witches.

    This may seem like a fancy spell but it isn't really! It's a simple trick you can use to bring a plant back to life! It doesn't work on humans though, and don't ever try it if for some reason you have a chance. It has been tested on deceased humans and they haven't found any effects whatsoever. Please find a dead twig (subject) or something of the sort on the ground. Has everyone got something? Good. Hold your source in one hand and put the subject in the same hand and be sure that it's touching the source!! Now, get out your wand and tap the subject as you say Glaenatura Vivo! Ah! I see some of yours worked, great job! Others weren't so lucky...ah, well try, try again! Make sure that the source and the subject are touching. Be sure to tap the subject, not the source.

    Good job every one!

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