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Defence Against The Dark Arts

Today- class settle down!- we're learning about the Patronus Spell, which is used to ward off dementors and some other monsters. Now, follow my example, think of the best moment in your life, the very best, and concentrate on it souly. Yes, good. Now watch me. Konan! Quit taunting the Gryffindors! Expecto Patronus! As you could see, the white-silver form that erupted out of my wand was in the shape of hawk. That's my patronus. It will protect you in you times of need! KONAN! IF YOU WANT TO TALK, SHOW EVERYONE YOUR SKILLS!

Konan: Expecto Patronus!

Very good for a first try, Konan, and yours was the small form of a snake I believe, everyone else try! Very good, Dryade, very good!

For Homework: I would like to you to tell me what form your Patronus is, and why it is that shape.
Class Dismissed!

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ProfessorLydia Hoshi