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In the acient Japanese zodiac, the regions of the stars were divided into four regions, or the cardinal direction points. Each of these secters, North, South, East, and West, was governed by a patron deity or a god of that region. For the Northern Stars there was Genbu, a tortise-snake creature of ice. South was Suzaku the red peacock and guardian of the fire forces. East was Seriyuu, the blue dragon of the mind forces. And for the West, Byakko, the white tiger of plants and all living things. Under these four gods were seven constellations, that were given names and symbols. Such as, under Suzaku, the crab or cancer is given the name Tamahome, meaning demon star, and the symbol 'oni' meaning demon, ghost or ogre. The seven constelations of Suzaku are Tamahome, Hotohori, Nuriko, Chichiri, Tasuki, Mitsukake, and Chiriko. The seven constellations of Seriyuu are Nakago, Soi, Amiboshi, Suboshi, Miboshi, Tomo, and Ashitare. The seven constellations of Genbu are Tomite, Hikitsu, Namame, Urumiya, Iname, Uruki, and Hatsui. The seven contellations of Byakko are Tatara, Subaru, Tokaki, Kokie, Amefuri, Karasuki, and Toroki. These seven constellations were known as the protector of their guardian god, known as seishi or warriors. Then to invoke the power of the god and save their sector, they would find a virgin girl and make her their priestess, they would then gather a written epic known as the Universe of the Four Gods, which was considered pagan heresay. The girl would be required to read a spell from the scroll and then serve as a sacrifice to summon the beast god. But, if that girl's heart was strong, or she was of wizarding type, she would survive and be granted three wishes. As you can see, these legends were strongly believed to be true, the seven warriors were no doubt wizards and witchs, because the warriors had mystical powers.


I am going to break you up into groups with your houses, seeing as there are four houses and four gods, that should be easy. Gryffindor will be given Suzaku, Slytherin will be given Seriyuu, Ravenclaw will be given Genbu and Hufflepuff will be given Byakko. I want each student to write me a page worth of information on that god and warriors and send it to me by April 30th. This will be worth house points, 50 a piece. If you complete the assignment sucessfully, you will be given that many, if not 50 will be taken. Good luck, class dismissed.

OOC Note: I do NOT want the story of Fushigi Yugi; The Mysterious Play! Any reference to Miaka or Yui will be considered failing!! This is first of all Japanese legend, not Chinese, and this is real, not anime!!!

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