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What is an online Hogwarts?
An online Hogwarts is a website that you can go to and take magic classes, play Quidditch, earn and lose points for your house like Harry and Co.

How long is a school year?
Right now each school year is two months long. That would mean 48 lesson (1 per week) for first and second years. For third to seventh years it will be 64 lessons(approximately; with optional courses).

Do I need a email address?
No, you do not. But it is HIGHLY reccommended. That way your personal email won't be availible to everyone. You do need to submit an email for teachers to email you marks though.

How do I get sorted?
To get sorted for classes, click here.
To get sorted for fun, click here.

Where do I sign up to be a teacher?

How do I get to the commonrooms?
First of all you must be a member of that house (sorted here) and have the password. Go to the Great Hall to get to the commonrooms.

I don't have an email address! Can I still sign up?
No, sorry but you can get a PheonixFeather Owl-mail here.

I don't want my Hogwarts things to be mixed with my regular email, what do I do? Get a Hogwarts Student/Teacher Owl-mail address here.

Owl the Headmistress With A Question