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These people will be your future allies, nemesis, and people you won't care about. If you joined an organization your color will be the same as the color of the Organization.

Mars "Da Taka": St:4 Int:5 Hp:50 Ag:6 Lv:1 Bio: A mysterious Assassin person who wears a mask. Some think he has a scar but others think he is hiding his identity. Cash=$1000 Titanium:500 Items:Feddie Unifrom Weapons Personal: 2 Hand guns & knife M.S.: None Origination: None Team: None. New type potential: Some

Name: Death St:3 In:6 Hp:40 Ag:7 Lv:1 Bio: He is the original Death he has never been seen. Cash: $0 Titanium: 0 Weapons: Personal: Hand Gun and a Knife . M.S.: none Mobile Suit: none Team: none New type potential: some

Hellfyre st:5 in:5 hp:50 ag:5 lv:1 bio: A very cloudy past... an even cloudier future but this one to be reckoned with. owner and propiotor of purple haze which is known to break promises... Money=$0 Titanium:0 Items: none weapon: Hand gun and a knife M.S.: None M.S. weapons: None New type potential: None Team:Hell's Angels

Name: Joshua "C" Hydrol St:5 In:6 HP:50 Ag:4 lv:1 Bio: C had always admired his father for being a pilot and wanted to follow in his footsteps, also encouraging his younger sister Gwen to do the same. Weapon: Hand gun and a knife MS: None Mobile Suit: None $0 Titanium:0 Team: None New type potential: None

Name: Yugo Hiiroshi Strength: 5 Intelligence: 5 Hit Points:50 Agility:5 lvl:2 Biography: His parents were killed by some guys with guns when they were walking home. Ever since then he has lost his childish innocence and became cold and hard. Has a chip on his shoulder, and won't hesitate to kill. He does have a warm side to him, and will protect those who can't protect themselves. Has wanted to become a gundam pilot to do just that. Weapon: Hand Gun & knife MS: none Mobile Suit: none money:$0 Titanium:0 Team: none New type potential: 100%

name: heavenice st:5 in:5 hp:50 ag:5 lvl:1 bio: the older cousin of Hellfyre my parents were killed in an explosion. for the moment i'm only in this for the money, and my cousin...the last of my family...but not known to me my ways will soon change Mobile Suit: None Weapon: None money:$0 Titanium:0 Team:Hell's Angels New type potential: 100 %

Name: Lslammer2 St:6 In:5 Hp:60 Ag:3 lvl:1 Bio: I used to be part of a very important family but all my family were killed by assassins ,and I am still searching for them. Weapon: Hand Gun and Knife Mobile Suit: none Weapons: beam saber $0 Titanium:0 Team: none r

Name : Stealth Dragon Strength :5 Intelligence :6 Hit Points:50 Agility: 4 lvl:1 Bio: He was always the quiet one that nobody knew much about.... Thatís how he earned the nickname Stealth Dragon. Weapon: hand gun and a knife $0 Titanium:0 Team: none New type potential: none r

Name: Outlawstar2012 Str:6 HP:6 Int:4 Agil:4 Bio: Banished by the Federation, and is now back for revenge. M.S.: none Weapon: none money:$0 Titanium:0 New type potential: none r

Name: Silent Killer Strength:4 Intellegence:6 Hit Points:40 Agility:6 A short Biography: As a military sniper he always had thoughts of what it would be like to be on the opposing side of the fight...a few days later he made the mistake of shooting another military sniper and was banned from being in the he works for the other team as a sniper and his name is silent killer... Mobile Suit: Item: Weapons:Handgun & Knife Money:$0 Titanium: n

Name: Shiro Amada II St: 3 In:4 Hp:100 Ag:3 Bio: found by Shiro Amada on earth and was trained to be the best he could be, he is getting closer to that goal. Weapon:2 Handguns, Knife, Machine gun Item:Feddie Unifrom Lv 1 $6000 Titanium:1500 r

Name: Rogue Dragonlance St:4 In:6 HP:40 Ag:6 A short Biography : Doesn't know his past, grew up in the streets. Has done some dirty things but hopes to redeem himself. Weapon: Machine Gun w/ Silencer Lv:1 $7000 r

Name: Duo Maxwell Strength :5 Intelligence :5 Hit Points:5 Agility :5 Bio: Attacks without a second thought. Is thought to be a weakling but will prove you wrong Weapon: Rocket launcher Lv:1 $7000 r

Name: Amiro Ray Strengh:3 Intellegence:4 Hit points:10 Agility:3 Biography: An orphan from Side 6 who joins the Federation in hopes of destroying the Zeon he would be the commander of the 13th M.S. team. . Weapon: Machine gun w/ rocket launcher Lv:1 $0 titanium: n

Greg str5 int5 hp50 agi5 Bio: a young boy with big dreams of being a mobile suit pilot. weapon: rocket launcher Lv:1 $0 Titanium: 0

Name: Doug Strength:5 Intelligence:5 HP:30 Agility:7 Bio: Doug is a 13 year old boy who enjoys dueling Gundams. He is an extraordinary pilot and won't tolerate injustice. He gets shy around girls so he never battles girls. A good kid all around and a trustworthy soldier in any army. Weapon: Hand Gun Knife Team:nonw Lv:1 $0 Titanium:0 r

Name: Fire St.5 In.3 Hp.100 ag.2 Bio: He was born in L2 Colony weapon: rocket launcher Lvl:1

Name: Jimm Starwind St:5 In:3 HP:50 Ag:7 Bio: Unknown Lv:1 Newtype New type potential:

black tiger St:5 In:5 Hp:50 Ag:5 Bio:he is determined to get revenge on the zeon for destroying his colony Weapon: Hand Gun, Knife, & Machine Gun Team None $4202 Titanium:1000 Lv:1

NAME:ANGEL JOSE RAICES (angel) ST:5 IN:5 HP:50 AG:5 BIO: born on earth i always wanted to become a soldier i grew up in the greatest city in space new york after september 11th that made it oficall i was going to be a solder i wanted to become a us mariene but befor my third year in high school earth united and formed the federation and so beggers cant be choosers so i decided do become a fedi. and thats my bio.and also those gm moblie suits i anna pilot one u know the ones with the gun on the s right side of the gms the ones on the 08 ms team. Weapon: Hand Gun Knife Team None $0 Titanium Lv:1

Name-Zell Dincht St-5 In-5 HP-50 Ag-5 Bio-Zell was a child born and raised to be a saviour to the innocent people in the MS era.He was trained and taught to defeat anyone whom he found evil. Weapon: Hand Gun Knife Team None $0 Titanium Lv:1

Name: Hells Fury St: 5 In:5 HP:60 Ag:4 A short Biography: Jin ( Blaze ) Lexmark is the pilot of Hells Fury a Gundam with the power to take care of any war and Jin has the ability to take car of any one.Item:Feddie Unifrom Weapon: Hand Gun, 2 Knives, & Machine gun Team: None $1000 Titanium:500 Lv:1

Name:Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th St:2 In:8 HP:30 Ag:7 Bio:Ed is a famouse computer hacker, net name Radical Edward. Lives in an abandonned house on earth, making small computer devices & hacking into military/government computers. It is debatable wether or not Ed is a genius, or just insane. Weapon: Hand Gun Knife Team None $0 Titanium Lv:1

Name: Alethea Kyros Str:4 Int:6 HP:30 Ag:7 Bio:Began her life as a mercenary very young. She has always been good at fighting, & hopes to one day master fighting with a Gundam. Items:Hacking CD & Feddie Unifrom Weapons:Handgun, knife, 10 throwing knives, & machine gun. $6,000 Titanium:1500 Lv:1

Name yoshiro kanki st 5 in 5 hp 50 ag 5 bio: yoshiro is an un known pilot tauget by treize him-self he is an evil pilot with one thing on his mine DESTORYING THE GUNDAM PILOTS!!!

Name: Caaran Blust Strength:4 Intellegence:5 Health Points:40 Agility:7 Bio: Raised in a poor neighborhood in Grenada, had to fight and stuff for survival and as a result carries a handgun and cutlass. Parents were killed in the crossfire between the enemies and he became a soldier for a small vigilante group that was wiped out but he has MS skill and experience but is still poor and will basically accept the highest bid for his skills so uses aliases and switches between organizations or by himself sometimes. organization: Zeon

Name: G-Alex Strength: 4 Intellegence: 6 HP: 40 Agility: 6 Biography: He never was the popular kid. Always getting picked on becuase of his height. He's been saving up all his life and now he's ready to kill all his opponents.

Name:Link Strife Strength:5 Intelligence:5 hp:50 Agility:5 bio:Link always wanted to pilot a zeon ms since he was 13yrs old.Now he is 21 since he was 13 hes been training for many years he rdy 2 fight! Organization:Zeon

Name Bit Cloud Strength 5 Intelligence 5 Health Points 50 Agility 5 Bio his parents were killed when he was little he was trained to kill

Name: quattra strength 5 intelligence 5 health points 50 agility 5 Bio: brought up by an unknown stranger that never revealed his name trained him in martial arts and electric and machining operations he is fully trained in how to make and destroy gundams the best of the best in almost everything except for being "warm hearted"

Kiao Kazmata Strength 8 Intellegnce 4 health 30 Agilitiy 5 Kaio grew up in a small town called Sturmovic. His family went on a trip to ameirca leaving him all alone in Russia. On the way back from America his parents plane got blown up by some terrorists over India. Kaio was then grew up on the streets of Russia stealing and getting by. When Kaio turned 18 he moved to India and became a payed assasin, Kaio Swore that he would have revenge on the killers. after the news of the killers have moved he became sure that if he was a gundam pilot he could kill them right off.