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Weapons 2

Mobile Suit Weapons

Heat Hawk: Like a beam sabre but smaller. $1,500 Stats addition St:15

Beam Sabre: The only difference between the Beam Sabre and Heat Hawk is a prefrence and that the Sabre is acctully a beam. $1,500 Stats addition St:15

Vulcan Cannons: 2 gun that go in the gundams head and will be refilled automaticaly reloaded after every battle. $1,500 per pair Stats addition St:20

Heat Sabre: A mix beetween a Heat Hawk and Beam Sabre. It's better either on there own. $2,500 Stats addition St: 25

Chain Gun: Like the one for personal Machine Gun but for a Mobile Suit. Not much to say. $4,000. Stats addition St:30

Rocket Launcher: A rocket launcher. It launches high powered rocket. It is able to destroy a Zaku in about 3 shots. $5,000 Stats addition St:50

Chain gun: A gun like a machine gun but stronger . $4,500 Stats addition St:35

Beam Spray gun: This is what the Gm takes into battle it fires faster than thw Beam riffle but it is also weaker than the beam riffle. St:150 $15,000

Protype Beam Rifle(old beam rifle): The first type of beam rifle it is strong and takes alot of suits out in 3 or 4 shots. Stats addition St:200. Stats required Ed:400 $17,000

Beam Rifle: The second type of beam rifle it is strong and takes alot of suits out in 1 or 2 shots. Stats addition St:300. Stats required Ed:600 $25,000

dual chain gun:the same as a chain gun only two one on top ofd the other requireed ed:200 $8,000 st:60

Sazabi Gun: I dont know the name of it but this is the gun the sazabi uses it is the strongest gun i have right now its also stronge than the beam riffle. St:350 Ed:700 required $30,000 After restart

Funnels: This could one of the best weps ever they are controled by a newtypes brain. They can attack anytime during battle.

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