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Weapons - Personal

Weapons Page These are the humans not the suits. The Ammo will Be under the weapon. The second page will go up with the gundam page where I need to find some way of having fights and stats for the Gundam.

Knife: Good for stabing. They are easy to conceal. They are also low priced. 10 for $150

Throwing Knife: These Knives are lighter making them better for throwing. They cost more than a regular Knife. 10 for $200

Heav Duty Knife: This knife is the best for stabing doing the most damage. 10 for $300

Pistol: A regular gun that can kill. $400. W/ silencer $450.

Pistol Clip: Ammo.50 for $500

Shot-Gun: A gun that has a wider range and shoots more bullets than a pistol. After each shot needs to be reloaded. $600

Shotgun Shells: Ammo. 50 for $,1000.

Machine-Gun: A gun that has a high rate of fire. It dosent have the same Range as the shot-gun though. $800

Magazine: Ammo. 50 for $800.

Rocket Launcher: This is a powerful weapon. It will has range, a head on shot will kill a person and anyone too close to them, and enough of these can take a Mobile Suit out. $1,500

Rockets:Ammo.100 Rockets $1,000

Sniper Rifle: People Far away regular guns can shoot that far this is the gun you would pull out this gun. $1,000. W/ Silencer $1,050.


Gernade Launcher: Same as Rocket Launcher except with a Gernade. $1,250

Gernade: Ammo or a weapon. 100 for $750

C4:A power bomb capable of destroying suits. 10 pack for $10,000

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