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This is the Rules Page. It is the Rules for this rpg.


1.No coming in as a differnt person if we find out you will be banned.

2.5 losses in a suit and the Suit is destroyed. If you are in an orginazation it will be replaced.

3. Never argue with a ref. If you think they are being unfair email me (mars) and tell me why.

4. 5 battle wins or 3 missions or 10 raids or everyday of a saga you go up a level.

5.You can quit factions and teams but not Organazations.

6.New members must read through each page of the site, before they can participate in sagas/battles.

7.A member doesnt have to join a Team if he/she does not want to.

8.Cheating will result in being kicked off the site.

9.Members may be given money/items by other members.

10.When a member battles he/she must have and opponent, ref and accept what the ref tells him/her.

11.When a member finishes all their battles, training, raids, for the day he/she must send his/her new stats, along with his/her purchases to

12. You start off on earth you take a shutle to space you can get to one if you our in a organazation or buy a ticket for 50,000 (also you can sneak aboard ~.0)

13. At L.V. 12 you become an Ace you can take 2 turns per everyone elses 1. <>14. You cant hack into the a gundam unless you are in the cock pit

15. No breaking into satilites and messing with emps

16. Suits on the internetcan be hacked into but if its not 14

Battle rules

1.Tell your suit and all items you are going to use to the ref also tell your human stats.

2.When you attack you can attack or move and attack.

3.When you are attacked you can move of defend.

4.You lose your battle once your suit E.D. reaches unless you chose to leave your suit to continue battle outside your suit and that is untill your hp reaches 0.

5.As you can see you can leave your suit after it isn't able to function you use any weapons that arent mobile suit weapons.


1. Listen to the ref he will explain everything you will need to know.

2. You can go in a raid on foot or in a M.S.

3. There are 3 types of raid colony, earth and space.

4. All of the battleing rules apply.

Take Over

All the rules for a raid apply. A takeover is a much harder raid that you take over a enemys base.


Sagas are important storys that will change the rpg. All rules Apply plus the rule once you are in you are in for it all you can miss some if you have a reason but other than that if you miss you dont go up the level.