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This is where people come to find a Organation. A Organation is a large group of people who beleive in one main thing. Inside them are Factions ad inside factions are teams. Each Faction will have its own page and will be listed under the Organzation. You can not quit only way out is death or in a EXTREME conditions you can be kicked out but if you are you will probly be Killed after being kicked out.

The Zeon

If want to be part of colonys, help them run, or just rule with an iron fist this is the faction for you. It is the only profesionaly run faction that starts off offering an mobile suit. Pilot L.V.5 = Zaku 2 with chain gun, Heat Hawk Pilot L.V.7 = Hanger space for Mobile suit and a M.S. Rocket Launcher Pilot L.V. 10 = Gelgoog and control of a small base L.V. 12 = Comander(gundanium) Zaku or Gelgoog and control of a large base L.V. 13 = Costomized Mobile Suit and control

Earth Federation

If you LOVE earth, hate Zeon, or need some action this is the faction for you. Compared the other factions Missions you have to be HARDCORE to survive there mission and you have to do the missions to get paid. L.V. 3 = Personal Rocket Launcher, Machine gun, 10 packs of C4 per mission all the clips and rocket launchers you want, training to become a soilder and Lockers for your stuff. L.V 6 = G.M., M.S. Rocket Launcher, Machine gun, and a Beam Sword also you get a hanger for your suit. L.V. 10= G.M. Custom Old Beam Rifle or a GunTank with 2 mounted Beam cannons and control of a 10 G.M. Squad. L.V. 12 Costomized U.C. Gundam New Beam Rifle, Beam Saber and Control of a G.M. Custom squad. L.V. 30 Customized Mobile Suit and control of 2 bases with 6,000 G.M.'s.

Created Organzation

purple haze:

a purple haze: a mercenary group made of hard-core pilots you must be a veteran and a dang good pilot to be accepted. upon arival into purple haze you will get the custom purple haze suit when you attain the level of 6 you will get a gift basket of weapons and a team of 3 zaku IIs 3 gms and three doms. when you attain the level of 13 you will be given a fully custom suit a large base and a squad of ten custom purple haze suits (the first one you got) (***BY INVITATION ONLY*** [you must also be a mercinary{and pass a special test}])

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