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Hello This is the web-page for the channel 400 News keeping you updated on all news related to The Zeon Fed war and other wars having to do with Mobile Suits.

michelle:there are two new customized suits being used by two very very dangorus pilots if you see these suits get away far away they are leaving a trail of pure destruction in there wake and these suits are armed and extremly dangerous there is a 4,000 dollar reward if anyone can find any weakpoint being given out by the earth federation in these suits there is no recorded evidence of there exact specifications so nobody knows what they look like if anybody finds these weakpoints please bring them to the davis military base in the u.s.

Frank: we just found out that about one week ago that mysterious suit was destroyed by a gelgoog in one hit it seems its not as strong as we thought the pilot is in zeek custody.

Michelle: Gwen has been released. She is still part of the Zeon

Frank: Well it seems that the love between Hellfyre And gwen is real. He said that they have been playing "Baseball" for months.

Michelle: Gwen Hydrol has turned hersef in to the zeon, shes awaiting trail. Hell is still at large and has a 50 mill bounty on his head

Frank: There is a bounty for the Zeon pilot Gwen Hydrol and Purple Haze Leader Hellfyre. They are sought after for crimes against the zeon. They are believed to havesold secrets to the Federation. "I belive they are lovers" said a zeon soilder when reached for coment "they always were especially mean to each other". The amount on there head is $100,000,000. They are thought to be armed dangerous. The Fedderation has denided that they have ever met these two before. Once they are caught, if alive, they will be tried. We will have more news as it comes up This is Frank. Good Bye

Frank: We have a image of the latest fight from the mysterious Ms it destroyed another Fed base

Michelle: Breaking news the Organzations of Zeon and Oz have a Partner ship we dont know what this will do for the war but it looks like zeon will win.

Frank: Weve just got news about Jabrou being destroyed it was taken out in one shot. The suit then crushed a Moile Suit with ease. A couple minutes later The purple haze base was attacked and destroyed, it was there only base. It was headed next to a Zeon Base.

Michelle: There were a couple things that have happened one thing is the appearence of a Mysterious Organzation Named Oz sources tell me that two New Mobile suits came out and easily destroyed one of the Feds GM's. Also the New Oganzation call Purple Haze was attacked by a group of 3 gms and a Acguy sources say. Purple haze, who allys itself with the Zeon, think that the Acguy was captured and used against them "We did have a Acguy missing from a previous mission but thats all i can reveal" said gato about the attack. It is the 10 month of the war and we all hopes it ends soon so there will be peace.