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This is where you get a Mission from differnt Organzations but if you are a org you can only do that orgs Missions. Unless you are in Purple Haze where you can do any mission.


Kill Treize: Treize, Leader of Oz, is pumping out mobile suits to help the Feddies destroy the Zeon. We cant allow that to happen so your mission is to Destroy 2 factorys and then find and kill treize. This mission has about a 70% chance of failure for a group of 3 . Payment $2,500,000

End the War: IF you some how end the war to Zeon Advantage you will be paid $20,000,000.


Attack Purple Haze: We think that the purple haze leader, Hellfyre, is conspiring with the Zeiks to defeat us Feds. We will pay you $500,000 for attacking the base, $1,000,000 if you destroy it, and 1,500,000 if you kill Hell in the attack.

End the War: IF you some how end the war to Fedderal Advantage you will be paid $20,000,000.


hijack 2 shuttles and bring them to the purple haze base in australia you ill be given 200,000 for each shuttle if they are in perfect condition