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Items that will help you

Camaflauge:Makes it extremely hard for people to see you. $100

Mirror: Helps you see around corners & behind you without anyone noticing you. $10

Chaff Granade: Made famous by MGS this will take out any electorinical divices(including guns and mobile suis) for 10 mins. $100 each

Cell Phone: Lets you communicate with other people across long distances. $500

MS Repair Kit: Lets you fix your MS between battles quickly & efficiantly(It wont replace parts it just fixes wires and stuff). Unlimited use. $1,000

Bullet Proof Vest: You only take 1/3 of the normal bullet damage if hit in the chest, stomach, or back areas. $250

Med Kit: You gain some of your health back, takes a whole turn to use. Health restored varies. $150

Computer Hacking kit: Put this in any opening of the computer and will hack into it untill it is fully acessable. $500

Virus Cd: Load this cd into any hard drive and that machine wont work untill fixed. $250

Laptop Ver.1.0: This is a laptor computer it comes standard nothing speical. $2,000

Mobile Suit Items

Small Sheild: Its the sheild that the Feds use on their gm ground types Its light but not good for protection. it adds 30 to st and 50 to ed though. $2000 Titanium:2000 or $6000

Reg Sheild: This is the sheild that the gundam uses. Its strong But takes 50 away from Both Tr Mv. $5000 Titanium:4000 or $13000 ads 100 to ed

Shield/Gun combo: This is like the Sazabis It is a huge sheild with a gun at the bottom of it it shoots beams out of it. $10,000 Titanium:6000 or $22,000 adds 250 to Ed and 100 to st

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